Friday, May 13, 2005


  • Lemon Pez taste like Lemon Pledge.

  • Kids will say ANYTHING that pops into their minds. We were at Wendy's for lunch today, and a teenage boy with a spiked Mohawk walked in. Unfortunately, he sat down at a table right next to us (Luc was watching him with fascination, and I knew that we were in trouble).

    "Supernanny!" he said. "Why does that boy have tall hair?"

    A lady sitting nearby kind of choked on her drink.

    "And why is it so pointy? It looks like the sun." (He was referring to the "rays" of the sun, I assume, because his hair wasn't orange or yellow or something.)

    I'm mortified, of course. "Luc," I hissed. "We'll talk about it in the car. But right now, please don't say anything or you might hurt his feelings."

    We had a really close call at the supermarket earlier this week, too. We turned into an aisle and saw an extremely large man standing there.

    "Supernanny!!" Luc said. (Oh God no, I was thinking.) "That man is REALLY --"




Anna said...

#1: Why are you tasting Lemon Pledge?
#2: What did the S's say about you staying thru the summer?

Jen said...
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Renee said...

Hehehehehe. First of all, Anna: I think she means it tastes like the SMELL of Lemon Pledge. I have that all the time where something will taste like the smell of something else. John thinks I'm uber weird.

LOLOLOL. Jen, isn't it fun? Yesterday at IHOP (where else?), Brent was watching everyone and turned to me and said "mom, how come some pancake makers have brown faces and some have pink faces like you?" The staff at our IHOP is very ethnically diverse. I was wondering when he was gonna notice differences in skin color and when he was gonna blurt something embarrassing out. One of the parks we play at a lot is kinda in the hood so I actually thought it would happen there. Hmm. So yeah. What do you tell a 4-yr-old in response to that question?

Renee said...

Incidentally, what I told him was this:

Some people just have different colored skin... you know how Kaden (my cousin's little boy, who is half Asian) has darker skin than you? But he's still a little boy just like you. And Daniel has lighter skin than YOU (which is just sad). But we're all the same inside and have the same feelings, blah blah blah.

Nik said...

Jen and Renee, you're both just freakin weird! Personally, I think Lemon Pez is horrible tasting, don't know how anyone can eat that crap.
Renee, love the explanation to your son,especially the blah,blah,blah part!
Missy's lil guys have tons of questions when it comes to people's skin color and stuff. It's fun trying to try and explain those things to them. Do they have to be so dang curious?? LOL

Renee said...

I know; you should have to have a teaching degree just to HAVE kids! A million and a half questions on a daily basis...

Anna said...

That sounds like a nice explanation, Renee.

Renee said...

Thanks :-) Although I've been wondering, for the longest time, when he was gonna say something, and how embarrassing he would make it... I was still caught off guard. If he asks again, I'll say the same things and might add something about eye color-- "you know how you and daddy have brown eyes and mommy has green eyes..."