Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Back by popular (or at least Jen's ) demand…My Marital Growing Pains or Why never to redecorate with your spouse

Tim and I went out looking for tile for our new bathroom last weekend.
Background info: We had gone out looking for tile once before for an entire afternoon, hitting about 4 stores with no luck.

0300: Arrive at Tile Store
0320: Choose linoleum tile
0325: Decide we need to check out ceramic tiles
0400: Choose ceramic tile
0410: Realize we’ve chosen Wall Tile (Who the hell is putting tiles on their walls?!)
0420: We find the matching floor tile
0425: It doesn’t come in the right size
0430: We start over Again
0445: I lose all semblance of patience and am desperate to make a decision because I never want to do this again As Long As I Live. I tell Tim I don’t care what we get, that anything is fine. Tim says, no, it’s more important than that and if I’m going to be that way about it we won’t get anything. (I can’t win!)
0455: We’re asked by the sales guy if we have a decision as the Store is Closing
0456: Tim says, unfortunately no
0500: I storm out of the store never to return

To Date: We remain tile-less


Renee said...

LOLOL :-) Thanks for the quality entertainment!

Speaking from personal experience, vinyl is much easier to keep clean, if that's a determining factor for ya.

Jen said...

Technically, 3 pm is 1500. (I'm all about everything military these days.) ;)

Jen said...

But still a funny ass story.

Especially when she tells it over alcohol.

Or maybe it was the alcohol that was making me giggle. Either way, it was entertaining.

Jen said...
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Jen said...
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Anna said...

Oh- Good point with the 0300 - 1500 hours thing. Duh.

Thanks for the info Renee- Maybe we'll just go back and get the vinyl.

Renee said...

No problem! And... I've never LAID tile, but I would think the vinyl is easier to lay as well. I should just shut up, cuz I have no idea... :-)

Anna said...

I've done a lot of different improvement stuff in that bathroom but I think I'll leave the floor to Tim. I know I'll be stuck painting the walls so the floor's all his.

Lisa said...

Good luck with the tile thing and I have seen wall tile in bathrooms usually at the bottom half of the wall or in the shower are the two common places and it has never looked odd to me. there that is my two cents. good luck anyway.

Rob said...

so what have you laid Renee?

Renee said...

Hahaha :-) Jen might say "The question is what HASN'T she laid?"

I can't tell you, Rob. It would make you blush.

Jen said...

What HASN'T she--

Dammit, she beat me to the punch already.