Monday, January 28, 2008

It's About That Time
For the annual March of Dimes WalkAmerica event (renamed March for Babies). If you would like to make a donation, please go here
You can also find a walk near you.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just another day at the office

On Friday, I gave a spelling test AND took care of a kid puking into a garbage can out in the hallway.


This was at the end of the day, during my reading class (you know, that 90 minutes of the day when all the low readers from across the 5th grade migrate into my room. This means my room is full of every single learning-disabled AND ESOL child we your general low readers. So yeah, that's a tough block of time). I'd walk into my room, give them their new word, use it in a sentence, act it out for the ESOL kids, say it really slowly for all of them, do a quick lap to make sure no one is cheating, and run back into the hall (I had already called the nurse). I'd spend some time rubbing her back and reassuring her that the nurse was on her way and we'd already called her mom--and then I'd say, "Hang on a second, N." I'd stand up and repeat the process--"Number 10, CAT." (LOL I'm just kidding, they aren't that easy.)

Good times.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Crazy No Mo'

I'm just kidding. I'm still crazy as a fox, of course. HOWEVER, having reached 6 months of "sanity" (I should get a pin, like in AA), I have been deemed well enough by my doctor to be seen only every 3 months, instead of monthly. I was so excited to be "promoted," as I called it, that I tried out a joke on her. "Wow, I sure have you fooled, eh?" I said. She glared at me over her bifocal lenses.

Okay, still too soon for the crazy jokes. Duly noted.

Even so: six months is the longest I've gone without an episode in--well, EVER, I would guess. I'm damn near normal, even. So why is my love life still a mess? (Had two promising dates with a new guy; haven't heard from him in 2 days. Not sure if I should be panicking yet.)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Last Words

A hero overseas and military blogger, Andrew Olmsted, wrote a "Final Post" for his blog, a post he gave to a friend to be published in the event of his death.

Sadly, that day came just 3 days into 2008.

Go here to read his last words. And bring a tissue.

And then, when you're done, here's an article about him and his death:

Saturday, January 05, 2008

"That nice Jen girl" is back

Well, here I am, back in sunny and warm (for the most part) Florida. I'm pretty happy to be here, too. Sure, it was nice to spend time with family, but--it's freaking' FLORIDA. =-)

Mom and I survived. We only had a couple of fights (probably because, towards the end, I was pouring Schnapps into my freakin' CEREAL). I saw good friends, got a bit tipsy with a particular sister, took Paige to Build a Bear (or, as Savannah calls it, "Build a Bear Workshop Where Best Friends Are Made," like that's the whole name) and out shopping (she's been the only "good" kid in that family recently so that was her reward). Spent a rockin' New Years Eve with Katey, her kids and Mom and Steve. (Was contemplating going out with Jen but then we got a snow storm so we decided not to risk it.) I also got a lot of work done on my first Masters assignment. I've submitted and am just waiting to get the evaluation results. I still have 2 more projects to go, which I'd like to have done by the end of the month.

Overall, it was a great trip home. I got a new planner (my days of forgetting birthdays and appointments are SO over) and am working on my two big resolutions, to reduce my debt (because "getting out of it" in one year is probably not realistic, but I've gotten an amazing book that's giving me a step-by-step process--Mom, it's a good book for you and Katey, FYI--very hopeful and encouraging). Also, for the first time in several years, I've had to make a weight-related resolution. It's not CRITICAL yet, but I've gained back about 10 of the pounds I lost a few years ago--and I'm going to stop that NOW before it escalates. Because as I've learned, it can do so very quickly. Oh--and for the first time, I entered the New Year as a non-smoker. I'd like to keep it that way. All in all, very solid, healthy and ACHIEVABLE resolutions.

After being around sick people for the last two weeks, I was able to fight off the germs with my new Super Teacher Immune System--until, oh, 3 hours before my flight took off on Friday. Seriously. It got worse on the flight, considerably escalated overnight and now I'm flat out miserable from the Cold From Hell. And I go back to school on Monday. AWESOME. My next two days are sleeping, lesson planning, and that's it.

Sorry I've been out of touch, but because Mom and Steve still have dial-up (and sucky dial-up at that), creating this post would have taken about an hour at their house. Shout-out to Renee for keeping ya semi-updated.

Now...check in! What's up with all of you? Any good resolutions? Good holiday stories?