Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dan and Jen--What Ever Happened With That??

Wow. Time kinda got away from me here, huh? Well, as most of you know, here's what has happened in the months since my last post:

  • Dan and I spent a few days together when I was home for Christmas break....and it was incredible.
  • We realized, very quickly, once I returned to FL that being apart was no longer an option. 20-something years was long enough.
  • He bought a one way ticket down here at the end of January.
  • We were engaged within a few days of his arrival.
  • We'll be married before the end of 2011, although our summer wedding may become a fall one.
And, more recent developments....

  • His kids will be living with us full time during May and part of June, while his ex also moves down to FL, settles in, find s a job, etc (and they'll be going to my school!)
  • Needless to say, we need to upgrade to a bigger apartment, although we'll stay in the same complex (and Ft Myers)--at least for the next year
  • His older son may end up staying with us full time, although we certainly don't know that for sure yet
Hopefully, I can be forgiven for my lapse in blogging. ;)

I have never, ever, ever been this happy. He has truly made all the pain and heartache I've gone through worthwhile.

I've finally found my happy ending--no. My BEGINNING.