Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shout out!

To LCB, Boat Day, choppy waters, beer fights, beach-front bars, Gigantic Asses, the hottest band singer EVER, Leaving on Jet Planes, pineapple pizza, $3 Jagers and $6* cigarettes.

(Did I cover everything?)

Pizza: $20
Shots: $30
Watching LCB sing along to songs he CLEARLY didn't know: priceless

Still no dolphins, though. Bastard.

*I realize that in Michigan, $6 is the NORMAL price for cigarettes; but down here, it's freakin' obscene.

And here's the picture I sent to LCB while I was waiting for him to get off work. I was showing him that I was ready for Boat Day and our attempt at dolphin-spotting.


Jen said...

For the rest of you:

To LCB and Boat Day- we went out on his boat this afternoon

Choppy waters- since it's a speedboat, we spent more time airborne than in the water.

Beer fights - Let's just say that we ended up WEARING more beer than we actually drank (but he TOTALLY started it, yo)

Beach-front bars- where we stopped for our "cheap" dinner

Gigantic Asses- what he is

The hottest band singer EVER- let's just say that at one point, I proclaimed the singer "The Man I Love More Than I've Ever Loved Any Other Man"

Leaving on Jet Planes- the one song that I sang on key. In my entire life.

Pineapple pizza- I finally got him to try it, and he admitted that it was damn good

$3 Jagers- I do believe that this one is self-explanatory

$6* cigarettes - stupid bars and their overpriced cigarettes.

Mom said...


Anonymous said...

It's Leavin On *A* Jet Plane :-)

Jen said...

I know. but everything else was plural. i was making that plural too

Jen said...

I had a dentist appt at 8:30 this morning--cavity filled, crown put on and cleaning. I skulked in (yes, "skulked") and they immediately started laughing at me.

All that scraping and drilling is AWESOME with a hangover, let me tell you.

However, I had a great conversation with the hygenists --apparently Jager Bombs are quite the delicious treat.

anna said...

Sounds like a good time!
I Love pineapple pizza!

I'm cringing at your dentist appt - Ouch even withOut a hangover!

Jen said...

How come no one's commenting on my picture? I'm freakin' ADORABLE! lol

Renee said...

Is a Jager Bomb Jager with Cherry Pucker? My sister made me get one of those once. Pretty good, actually.

Jen said...

I'm not even sure. or Red Bull? or maybe that's a whole different drink. All I know is that the hygenients said they tasted like "candy with a kick"

Renee said...

My sister got me a Jager Bomb and also a red bull with cherry pucker. THAT was awesome. I don't remember what the Jager bomb WAS, but it was better than I thought it'd be.

Jen said...




Anyway, I now feel like I got punched in the left side of the mouth. AND I'm hungover.

Renee said...

LOLOLOL. I didn't even see your comment; must've been because we were commenting at the same time. Yes, sweetie. Your are, indeed, freakin' adorable :-)

sparkydiva said...

ok i don't know how it ended up where it did, but this was SUPPOSED to go here -

i'm totally bummed that mom's name isn't 'captain obvious'.

Nik said...

FYI, Jager bombs are Jager and Red Bull. And can I just say, blech! I'm not saying I won't drink them, cuz let's face it, I likes me some booze, but they taste like cough meds to me.

Jen-- glad you had a good time hanging out w/ LCB. Hope your hangover wasn't too tough to deal with.

Renee said...

LMAO Brandi! Me, too.

Thanks for the clarification, Nik! Yeah, first of all, Jager is nasty. But the red bull made it taste better than just plain ol' Jager :-)