Saturday, July 12, 2008


The new Orbitz commercial, to demonstrate the amazing teeth-strengthening power of its product, shows a heartbroken woman ripping apart her ex's picture, his golf clubs and even the top to his convertible (and its tires!)--all with just her teeth.

And throughout the commercial, on the bottom of the screen, it reads (I shit you not):

"Do not attempt."

Dammit! NOW what am I supposed to do tonight?


sparkydiva said...

take all his clothes, put them in his convertible, douse them with lighter fluid, and light a cigarette...with a match that just happens to find its way into the car. a-la 'waiting to exhale'.

hope that helps ;)


Anna said...


I kind of saw that one but wasn't really paying atention. I saw what she was doing and did a double take. Thanks for telling me what it was about. It makes more sense now.