Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Elbow follow-up

My bone doctor currently has three patients (including me) in different healing stages of broken elbows. Of the 3, one of us has healed normally and two of us have, through various forms of stupidity and bad judgement, have re-fractured our original breaks.

Guess which one *I* am?

I'm the normal one, baby!! Whoo hoo! Out of all his elbow patients, I'm the one who's had an "almost-perfect" recovery. (I say "almost-perfect" because he can still see a sliiiiggghhhht line on one of the X-rays; it's only visible from that particular angle and it's not even big enough for him to be worried about it.)

It was so funny, though. I told him that my elbow only hurt when I had been "overdoing it."

"Well, I hope you're not OVERDOING overdoing it," he answered, writing on the chart.

"That depends," I answered brightly. "Would you consider karate classes to be 'overdoing overdoing' ?"

He looked up and gazed at me in disbelief just as a nurse walked in for his signature.

"This one just told me that she's been taking karate," he told her. "Awesome," she answered. "That's a new one for us." (Like I said, he's been hearing this kind of thing from ALL of his elbow patients, and I guess he and the staff had been comparing notes on the different Stupid Things Patients Do During Recovery.) He also told me that his elbow patients are more likely to BE the ones who push the envelope, do too much too soon and often end up re-injuring themselves--"I'm not sure why, either," he said, "but it's definitely not just you or even this particular group of patients. I see this all the time."

So anyway, that's when he looked at the x-rays and pronounced me healed. "Now, you still need to wait two weeks before you go breaking boards or anything," he said. "But for the most part, you're allowed to resume normal activity--within reason."

"Is bowling 'within reason'?" I asked, grinning.

He just closed his eyes.

"'Cuz I'm going tonight," I added.

"I now pronounce you officially cured," he said. "Now get outta here."

Side note: I do have a condition that causes my arms and legs to straighten somewhat abnormally. Normally, when someone locks their elbows or knees, their limbs straighten at the "neutral" point--i.e, a straight line. For me, though (and other people with this particular situation, the name of which I have already forgotten and will probably never remember again), our joints go BEYOND neutral to give us almost a bend or a curve. Ironically, the break to my elbow has actually made my right arm "normal" again. He said it's not a big deal, just something to be aware of--because people with this whatever-it-is are--and here he looked up at me pointedly--"more likely to fracture those joints--you know, like an ELBOW."

So anyway--no more follow ups are required, assuming I don't do anything spectacularly stupid in the next 2 weeks.

Should be easy enough, right? ;)


sparkydiva said...

yeah...i'm so writing a book about you. now you're a hyperextender?

freak of medical nature. {and i say that with as much love as i possibly can}

Nik said...

I gotta say, I'm really surprised that you're bone docs "normal" one. ;) I think it's frickin awesome how well you've healed. I'm surprised your doctor didn't slap you when you asked about bowling. But, hey, if he says go for it, have at it. You, do something spectacularly stupid in the next two weeks? Noooooo LOL

Jen said...

Yeah, hyperextender! But there's another word he used to describe it--it starts with an "r." Do you know what it's called, Brandi?

sparkydiva said...

i've just always heard it referred to as 'hypermobility syndrome'...or something like that. i think that kids who have it and have really bad problems with it get branded with some sort of formal, scary sounding disease name ... yeah...i'm a big fat help. lol!

Anna said...

This is just what I was wondering about a few days ago with the karate with the broken arm. I'm glad you're ok, even though it doesn't make any sense ;)