Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yeah, I'm 99% positive that they're termites. I got a good look at them this morning because there were a TON in my bathroom (SO GROSS) and they absolutely resembled the termite picture as opposed to the ant picture.

Plus, I found a test online: you catch a couple and place them in a sealed glass jar. Ants can live for 1-2 days in such an environment; termites will die within hours. I put them in there this morning before my dentist appointment. One's already dead.


Brad's calling the OHA (our housing authority for the condos) today.

I'll let you know what this means for us once *I* know. Keep your fingers crossed that they put us up somewhere (a, cuz we have no where else to go and b, staying in hotels is just fun).


Jen said...

I mean, TECHNICALLY we both have friends we can stay with, but sleeping on couches and shit would suck. So we're not going to advertise that fact.

anna said...

Yuck - bummer.

I wanted to vote for more than 1 favorite drink. I feel so limited choosing just 1!

Has there always been music on this blog and I just noticed it today or is it new?

Jen said...

I thought i sent you an email, Anna. i was warning people that i just put music on last night and i let people know who checked it at work, so they could turn down the sound if necessary before pulling it up.

and yes, I like all of those alcohols. =-) but what do you start out with?

Renee said...

Ick. I hope you guys can get it taken care of with a quickness. I have chills just thinking about it.

Yeah, I usually start with mixed drinks, but that's because I usually only drink when we go out for dinner or something. Shots are so much more fun than a mixed drink, though :-)

anna said...

It's cool. I always have headphones in at work so my computer noises don't bug anybody else.

My go-to is the mixed drinks. I have voted. :)

Jen said...

So--what? is "with a quickness" our new phrase? LOL

Renee said...

?? Did someone else say that and I missed it? LOL. And here I thought I was being clever and dorky, when really, I'm a phrase snatcher?

LOL. That reminds me of that whole "penis snatching" article you posted :-)

Jen said...

yeah Brandi did at one point. in reference to me seeing my crazy doc or switching meds or something. she said I need to do so "with a quickness."

LOLOL. it makes it even funnier that you used it without knowing she did.

Nik said...

Eeew! I hope you get your bug problem handled damn quick. It's making me all itchy and feeling covered in ugly beasties just thinking about it. Oh and I'll keep my fingers crossed that ya get to rock a hotel.

I concur, only one vote blows.