Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bad to the bone

The DAY my computer died (see below), my roommate did something so hilarious that I had to snap pictures of it. I've been so excited to get back online so I could share this with you. He took his portable iPod player and strapped it to the back of his bike--and then drove all over town with it blasting. Oh my God, when I saw it I almost wet myself. You be the judge--ghetto? redneck? Or just plain genius?


anna said...

I'm not sure it's ghetto or redneck, but I'm not sure it's genius either ;)
Maybe Eccentric is the word I'm looking for.

Nik said...

It's all three- it's ghettoredneck genius. Is that an oxymoron? hehehe
Seriously, could he even hear the music? It always drives me nuts to see the motorcycles w/ the radios, cuz it's not like they can hear the music very well as they're flying down the road.

Jen said...

Yeah, it's so loud that he could hear it really, really well, he says.

Anna said...

LOL at Nikki's ghettoredneckgenius!

It reminds me of a short-lived show on MTV caller Trailer-Fabulous where they'd fix up people's trailers. That was a funny show.