Sunday, July 06, 2008

Two things

1) A couple of weeks ago, I had like 3 different dreams that my back tooth fell out. They were so vivid that when I woke up, I had to run my tongue around the inside of my mouth to make sure that all of my teeth were still there.

Last night, part of my back tooth broke off. How weird is THAT? I can't say that it was the same exact tooth as the one in my dream, but it was sure as hell in the same area. I'm not hurting yet (knock on wood) and I hope it stays that way until Monday, when my dentist can (hopefully) get me in for an emergency crown or whatever.

2) I got a tattoo tonight! It was one that I've been thinking about it for a good year now, so it's not something I rushed into and did on a Saturday night when I was drunk. =-) I walked in knowing exactly what I wanted and gave him the artwork. It's a cover-up for the one tattoo that I regret (my sorority letters from college, on my right hip. Seemed like a good idea when I was 19; not so much at 31)--so although it was technically my 5th tat, it still looks like I have 4. I'll wait till it heals a bit to post a pic, but it's the logo for Soldiers' Angels. It's my tribute to Grimm and to all the other guys (and girls). This, like my other tattoos, is one that will always hold special meaning to me. I'm very happy with how it turned out--except that it's pretty damn big. =-)

(Brief interlude while you all go check out ), so that you know what the hell I'm talking about for the rest of this post. ;)

The soldier in the middle of the logo covers my original tat (I had it all planned out, too--since the soldier is solid black, it worked out great)--and then the red and blue wings span out behind it. Mine isn't quite as detailed as the one here; for example, it doesn't have the black shadows or whatever those are on the wings (and I actually think it looks better that way, since it draws more attention to the red and blue) and it doesn't say Soldiers' Angels at the top--but otherwise, it's pretty damn close.

So like I said, although it's bigger than what I envisioned (and it had to be, for the soldier to cover up my original one), it's still really pretty. I think you guys will be impressed when you see it.

I'll tell you one thing, though: since it was so much bigger than my other ones, the pain also increased accordingly. My friend Kelly went with me (shit, it was her idea to go tonight--and then OF COURSE she chickened out once we got there, LOL). As she was watching him work, she asked me if it hurt. I kind of winced and said, "Yeah"--but that was my only outward reaction (probably because the pain made me incapable of speech). She goes, "Damn, I've seen you react more strongly to getting your eyebrows waxed." (She's right, too. You can usually hear me throughout the salon.) Of course, she also missed the part about 10 minutes earlier, as he was working on the outline of the feathers (and anyone who's gotten a tat knows that the outline is the worst damn part) and I spewed out a slew of swear words like the chick in The Exorcist. In an attempt to reassure me, he said, "Hang in there, I'm almost halfway done with the feathers" and through gritted teeth I hissed, "Fuck the rest of the feathers!" (But other than that, I was a trooper.) ;)

And yes, the time stamp on this post is correct--I still haven't been to bed. I think it's the adrenalin from the pain (and the fact that I didn't roll out of bed till 1:30 this afternoon sure ain't helping, either).

UPDATE: It's actually looking pretty good already, so here you go...

And for the record, those are neither bruises nor varicose veins on my thigh, just residual ink and tape marks. Also, my thigh is not as big as it looks here...I'm just sayin'. Oh--and the tips of the angel wings are actually symmetrical; it's just the position my leg is in.

Here are a few more close up, for detail:

(I think the silhouette of the soldier turned out pretty kick-ass, personally.)

(The vertical lines in the blue section represent the ripples in a waving flag; it looks better in person.)

(No, I didn't suddenly develop jaundice; I moved to the bathroom to get different lighting.)

So what say you?


Fred said...

I say it looks terrific! I think you got it right...don't get a tattoo on a whim. I have to have that conversation with my students on a daily basis.

I finished my back this year (finally) with something that's been in my head or a few years. No more tattoos now...I'm too old.

You done good.

Jen said...

Thanks, Fred!

What's your tat?

lotus23blossom said...

That is a great tattoo, really good color too. I love the design and i think the choice with less detail in the back was right on. I have two myself and only one hurt. John was with me when i got that one, (the place was nice and not seedy). when i yelped he rushed over and poked the artist in the arm and said "hey you, are you hurting MY MOM." lol

keesh said...

That is great! awesome detail! I love it!

Anna said...

Nice! I like it.