Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I feel gassy

I just got gas for $3.87!!!! Whoo hooo!! How awesome is that?

And how SAD is it that I'm so excited?

Which leads to my question of the day: how much is regular gas in YOUR hood? Please give your location as well.


anna said...

I feel ya. Gas is about $3.60 right now in MN, which I am sadly excited about, too.

When I started driving 12 years ago, I refused to buy gas if it went over $1, which was no problem because gas was usually in the $0.90 range. The price has pretty much quadrupled in 10 years. It's Total CRAP.

lotus23blossom said...

holland southside meijer $3.84 north side meijer $3.98. cuz you know it cost more to ship that extra 2 miles! Remember when $10.00 got you a half tank of gas, a pack of smokes, an iced tea, and a candy bar!?! good old 1998

Jen said...

shit, i could FILL my mazda gas tank for $10 in 1995

PS-way to be specific on your location, Lisa. LOL

Renee said...

We gassed up in Indiana on Sunday for $3.77, which has us absolutley GIDDY. It's still over $4 here in the north suburbs of Chicago. I didn't leave the house at ALL yesterday, so I'll let you know the exact price later, but when we came home on Sunday, $4.09-$4.17 was what we were seeing.

Renee said...

And I am I REALLY the only loser out there who doesn't vote?

Jen said...

Renee: yes.


sparkydiva said...

3.69 in fort worth - yee haw!!

Renee said...

Thanks, Jen. Just checking ;-)

Regular gas price today is down to $3.96! It's so exciting to see a 3 instead of a 4. And yes, that's really very sad, as Mr. Van Ark would have said :-)

Jen said...

Renee: if it helps, I'M the only one who still needs more info before deciding. Looks like everyone else knows which way they're swingin'.

keesh said...

Renee - go register and vote this year. very important! Plus, I have a feeling you would vote for the same person as me :).

Jen - gas in my little hometown and your old stomping grounds, is $3.72 and dropping...hopefully. and I need more info now on who to vote for since someone brought up a topic that i have to investigate so you are not alone now Jen :).

PS: LOVE THAT SONG! She has an amazing voice. i have this on my ipod and play it whenever i get down in the dumps.

Anonymous said...

Last night I got it for $3.69 (Holland)

Anonymous said...

The time before that I said to the guy "I really want to hug you right now cuz gas is under $4" - even tho I know he doesn't set the prices.

Renee said...

See, no. I can't vote. Because I pay NO ATTENTION to the candidates. I hate politics, I have no clue what any of them stand for, I don't even know which *party* I'd lean towards. I know it should, but it really doesn't matter to me. I believe they (mostly) have good intentions, but they can't follow through with what they promise. I can't stand watching them "debate" and the personal attacking that is involved is ridiculous. So it matters not to me; they're all assholes. It's not like I'm one of those people who CARE who wins and doesn't vote, or doesn't vote and then bitches about who is in office. I know, I know. My dad goes crazy about my not voting. John's never voted, either.

Jen said...

"it matters not to you"????


anna said...

You & John should vote because the decisions politicians make effect you and they effect Brent.

What if a president was elected who sent the US to war and made Brent go fight? This happened to a lot of families over the last 4-8 years. Don't let it happen to you or to them any longer.

If you don't care, then do it for your friends who do care. Do it for me - vote Obama!

McCain said recently that he's never used email or the internet. We can't have a president who doesn't use the internet!

Renee said...

LOL, Anna. I know, but the thing is, they ALL make decisions that they say they won't. *sigh*. I know I should care. And John LIKES watching the debates. I want to stick a fork in my eye when they're on. How soon do I have to be registered, though? Cuz I actually tried when we lived in Indiana and it was too late to register for the presidential election. I'LL LOOK INTO IT.

Jen said...

i was the one who said I needed to research issues more, but:

McCain doesn't use the internet????? Go Obama!

LOL. This is the first year I've even thought about voting Republican and it's mostly because of the war. McCain, being a former POW, wouldn't make the decision to go to war (or, in this case, to stay over there) lightly. He actually knows what the hell he's talking about. And I like that.

Here Nee. You could do it all right here



And the deadline for IL is 10/7. Plenty o' time.

this will be my first year voting as a Floridian. I wonder how we'll fuck it up THIS year. =-)

Renee said...

LOL Jen. Thanks for the link. And I hadn't heard that about McCain, either (the internet thing) and frankly, am incredibly incredulous (that sounds funny together) over the fact! What a dillhole!

And you bitches jinxed the whole gas thing. It's $4.06 again today. WTF?

Renee said...

OKAY, I'M REGISTERED TO VOTE. Or, I will be when they get my form, which is printed, signed and in a stamped envelope to put in tomorrow's mail.

Jen said...

incredibly incredulous ----> lol.

that's like saying stupidly stupid.

Or hornily horny.


Renee's registered!! For the first time ever!! We TOTALLY rocked the vote, yo!

Jen said...

This is the most comments one of my posts have gotten like ever.

Of course, we also have like 3 different convos going on.

Renee said...

Yeah, this comment section has a slight case of schizophrenia :-)

Which is probably a MORE expensive kind of crazy, if that makes you feel better ;-)