Monday, July 28, 2008

Bugger off

I think we have termites. I noticed some ant-like things in my bathroom late last week and finally remembered to mention it to Brad yesterday. He said he'd seen them in HIS bathroom, too. (Our bathrooms share a wall, so that's more evidence that they ARE termites.) We pulled up a comparison on the web last night and unfortunately, they seem to resemble termites more than ants. Specifically, the antennae are more V-shaped than elbowed (major sign #1), and they have one solid body/thick waist as opposed to a narrow midsection (you know how ants' bodies kind of look like two separate parts joined together?).

Ironically, my friend Mike just had this problem about a week ago. He had to MOVE OUT OF HIS CONDO for like 3 days while they tented it. Plus, he had to throw away ALL opened food (which would be most of our cupboards and fridge). Here's where having a condo is nice, though: the condo association would have to pay for the fumigation/extermination. Plus, Brad thinks that they'd have to put us up in a hotel, although I'm not sure about that (but it makes sense--I mean, they can't just say, "You don't have to go home but you can't stay here--good luck with that."). So we'll see.


Side note: went to crazy doc today. As soon as I sat down, she said, "So you're still up, I see." ?????? I was like, "How do you know?" and she said, "Well, when I came out to get you, you were pacing back and forth, and now your leg and foot are going about a million miles an hour." I looked down and noticed that yes, I WAS a bit on the figedity side. That's when I confessed to her that I've been walking two or three times a day to release some energy and that I'm still not sleeping worth a damn, even with the elephant tranquilizers otherwise known as Seroquel. Remember how those used to knock me out? She has me taking two at night now and it still wasn't doing anything for me. She said that makes sense, as my craziness is overriding the meds right now. (She didn't say "craziness," obviously. She said "brain chemistry" or some shit, but let's call a spade a spade, shall we? Ha ha)

So anyway, she IS taking me off the Lamictal and putting me on Abilify. She did say that if the Abilify doesn't work, there are only one or two other things I can try before I may have to go back on the lithium. That would suck.


Jen said...

PS--I should say that this kind of "upness," which is more like hypermania, is the kind of feeling that BPs miss --and it's one of the reasons that they often resist meds or even go off them. It's that phase where it's not scary/out of control/destructive/dangerous; they just feel alive, energetic, productive and--like they can accomplish ANYTHING. That's how I feel right now, actually. However, I know I HAVE to get regulated again because this feeling can easily shift into "scary mode." But how I feel right now IS way better than being "controlled" and "stable." There's a really funny show on MTV right now called "Parental Control." These parents don't like their gay son's boyfriend, so they're trying to set him up with another one. He goes out on dates and the parents and boyfriend watch everything that happens. The parents are hysterical because they hate the boyfriend and they don't attempt to hide it. LOL

Jen said...

Except I kind of feel sorry for the boyfriend cuz when his boyfriend (the son) has a GOOD date, he's really sad. But when the bf has a shitty date, he's hilarious.

Jen said...


Some sample exchanges:

Mom: You're such a smartass.
BF: Yeah, SMART being the operative word.
Mom: No, ASS being the operative word.
Boyfriend (to the parents): Oh my god, if this date were any longer or more boring, it would be your marriage.

anna said...

Bummer about the termites. No termites is one of the only positive reasons to live up north here.
I guess along with your palm trees, oceans, dolphins, year-round beautiful weather, and beautiful tan bodies, you get some bugs. We have no termites but we also have no pine trees, oceans, or dolphins, and instead have pastey white bodies and weather cold enough to kill.

It sounds like you have a good crazy doc. I'm glad she's so good at reading the signs and that she has ways to help. Maybe this ambifly will be perfect one for you.

Jen said...