Friday, July 18, 2008

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

Okay, I'M not shrinking--but my waist sure is. I've lost 2 inches since I started karate!! (I've continued with my walking on my "off" days.) Whoot! (I have not, however, lost any in my hips--yet--but I'm guessing that this is more attributed to PMS bloat, since your hip measurement also includes part of your tummy. We'll see what I come in at after my Girl Time is done. Also, as of yesterday, there was no real weight loss yet, either, but I'm sure it will come--plus I may be building up muscle, blah blah blah.)


I'm going to the pool in a few minutes!! Now, some of you may wonder why this warrants mentioning, since I live in Florida, it's the summer and "going to the pool" probably isn't a significant event. And normally it's not--except that SW Florida has been experiencing rain of biblical proportions over the last few weeks. Hell, I've been getting ready to go to the Ark Building aisle at Home Depot (I can do it. They can help). Now, due to almost NO rain season last year, we've had some pretty serious drought-like conditions down here, so really, we needed the rain. But dang, being cooped up for days and days and days on end, with nothing but dreary gray skies, has been kinda sucky. And now today--GORGEOUS blue skies with nary a cloud in the sky. (Until 4 pm, when we'll get our daily summer rain shower.) So, if you'll excuse me, I'm off for some Sunshine Therapy.


Nik said...

Rock on with your bad self!

You poor tortured soul. How do you survive without pool time everyday? lol

keesh said...

Does anyone know how to actually lose inches in the hip area? cause since my son was born, I find it near impossible!

Go you Jen!! YOu are awesome! keep up the great work!

Renee said...

Way to go, baby!

Kish, do you actually have FAT there that CAN be lost, or did your hip bones just spread? Cuz you may be fighting a losing battle against your bones, my dear :-) Otherwise, according to a trainer at the Y when I asked a year ago, you need a combo of cardio and muscle toning workouts. She suggested pilates and spinning. I took one spin class before I vowed to never step foot in that room again :-) But Pilates really does work that area, too. And then I did recumbent bike riding for the cardio. Not quite the workout as spinning, but I swear I thought I was gonna die after that class. Hell, I thought I was gonna die DURING that class.

Jen said...

Not to rub it in, but I can actually get down to a 35/36 inch hip pretty easy--when I lose all-over weight, I mean. But I'm also freakishly small in that area.

keesh said...

oh jen, you are a freak in other areas too :), so it is fitting. ha ha. I made a funny. anyway, I gave birth to a 9 and a half pound baby, I think these hips are stuck where they are. but i do want to try pilates. anyone have any good video recommends?

Renee said...

I have a friend who is gonna burn copies of my kids pilates and kids yoga videos; I can bring my pilates video over and have them do that one, too, and send it to ya. I don't like it as well as going to an actual class, but I'm that way with everything. I'll see if they'll copy that one for ya!

Anna said...

Way to go! Don't worry about the weight number, go with how you feel. And with your waist already down 2 inches - I'm betting you feel pretty damn good!

I have got to get to some kind of exercise! I think a dance class would be fun. It would be good if I could just get out and walk some.