Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Bionic Woman

I went to bone doc today. ;) He came in and gave me an overview of what we were going to do: keep sling on for another 2 weeks and send me to physical therapy. Then he looked at my X-rays.

"Or not," he said.

After just shy of 4 weeks, my bone has almost completely healed. "Seriously," he said. "I know where the fracture WAS, but I can't see it. It's not there anymore."

Whoo hoo!

He does still want me to wear the sling, just to remind myself not to do too much with it the next couple of weeks, but he did also give me permission to push myself with it a little more. For example, I've been extending it and working on getting back my full range of motion (rotating my arm, etc), but I've been scared to push it beyond the point at which it naturally stops, for fear of worsening the break. But since there's virtually no break anymore, I can get a little more aggressive.

"But not too much," he warned. "It's still a broken elbow, and the healing had to have been pretty recent--which means it could easily break again if too much stress is put on it. So just be careful."

I go back in 2 weeks. By then, he said, I should have full range of motion back, which means completely straightening my arm (I'm almost there; I can even straighten it all the way when I'm in the pool or hot tub) and being able to rotate my arm/hand 180 degrees, so that the palm of my hand is facing down (that's the part I've been struggling with the most).

Whoo hoo!


Anna said...

That's great! Good healing, Jen!
It must've been all the blue ice cream and alcohol you consume ;) That's a recipe for success if I ever heard one!

Jen said...

OK so I guess no one else cares about my healed elbow. LOL

keesh said...

I care...I care a lot man...Seriously, that is great! YOU could have been that 1 in a million that ends up with a permanant double jointed backwards elbow or some shit...

Jen said...

LOL Kish.