Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My new book idea

It just came to me last night, and I've been revising the title in my head all day to get it just right.

"He Broke Your Heart--You Break His Kneecaps: Using karate to turn heartache* into a black belt."

THERE'S your best seller. LOL

*I originally had "to turn a broken heart into a black belt," because that would be comparing two nouns, 2 specific THINGS--but then it would be repeating the first part of my title. I am open to suggestions, though.


sparkydiva said...

thus solidifying the fact that you do need to get out more.

Jen said...

Hahahahhahhahahha. I floated this by my friends at "drinks" tonight (I'd say "dinner" but we weren't really eating), and they all thought it was AWESOME.

Anna said...

I think this new book title and all the other book titles you've come up with are actuallly chapters in the Book of Jen.

Jen said...


What should I call THAT one? Unfortunately, my first choice--"The Bible"--is already taken.