Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One last thing

Remember I told you about my wicked leg bruise? Well, one whole week later, it still looks pretty hideous. Random people actually COMMENT on it while I'm out running around. I figured I should document my first karate injury (and we can compare it to those I'll be receiving in the future, LOL).

You shoulda seen it last week.


Nik said...

Sweet! Your first battle scar.

Anna said...

Come on - I wake up with worse bruises from nothing. I have one on my leg right now that's prettier than that. I guess I'm just blessed to bruise easily. I know, you're jealous.

I must say I'm jealous of your great tan. You and your fabulous Florida life!

Jen said...

It was a WEEK OLD, i said.

my bruise TOTALLY kicks your bruise's ass.

it was all welt-y before, too.

Anna said...

Pu-lease! I woke up this morning with another nice one. I LOOK like I'm taking karate with none of the work! ;)

Jen said...

in all seriousness, have you ever had that checked out? maybe you're anemic or something

anna said...

Yes, I'm often anemic. It runs in my family. I take iron pills when I remember.
This weekend I got a huge bruise that's now taking up most of my left knee.
I'm definitely getting back on the iron pills.