Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stupid keys

So remember a couple of weeks ago, when I locked my Little and myself out of the car (at Domino's, no less?). Well, today we had the Big Brothers Big Sisters picnic. And I know what you're thinking: Oh dear Lord, she did it again--to which I reply indignantly: I did NOT.

I lost my entire set of keys. Somewhere, in this HUGE park, as we were walking around, my keychain fell out of my purse.

I never did find them, either. I had to call a friend to pick us up, bring me back to my place to get my spare car keys (thank God Brad didn't lock the door when he left today), since obviously I no longer had MY house key). Then my friend brought us BACK to the park (luckily, he lives pretty close to the park and so do I, so he didn't have to drive all over hell).

So I now have a new set of keys with both my house and car keys, which is good. However, I have to go get copies of THOSE made to be my new backup set. And I lost my CVS card!! Dammit! I'll have to replace that this week. (I already swung by the library for a new library keychain card thingie--I'm such a dork, LOL.)

I'm the most bummed about the actual keychains, though. I had the one that Anna got me from--Ireland, I think? And one from my trip to Vegas. Damn damn damn.

I'm buying a new purse. I lose too much shit with this one.

The picnic itself was fun, though. The high point was the Big vs Little water balloon fight. Somehow, there ended up being 40 Littles facing off against 10 Bigs (there were other kids there who weren't in the program YET but were on the waiting list, so that's probably why we were so outnumbered). I muttered to the 20-something guy next to me, "Okay, what's our strategy here?" (I'm a little competitive.) He whispers back, "I don't know, I was just planning that out myself." I told him, "I'll create a diversion. I'll start jumping up and down and waving my arms or something." He answers, "Okay, then I'll loop around the back and get them from behind." We never had a chance to put our plan into action, though: we were all pummeled immediately. I took a pretty direct shot to the head at one point (although I suspect that that one was actually from my co-conspirator, due to the angle of projection--not to mention the shit-eating grin on his face). Oh yeah--I had to flag down the ambulance, too. "What ambulance?" you may be asking. We had a suspected broken bone injury in the bounce house (how one can break something in an inflatable, padded room, I'll never know). (Actually, I'm kind of surprised that it wasn't ME who did it, LOL)

Anyway, a good time was had by all (except for the kid with the broken leg).


anna said...

lol at the water balloon fight!

Way to have an extra set of keys ready to go! That's really smart.
After locking myself out of my house last summer and almost doing it several times since, I finally had some extra house keys made and stashed one for myself. Now that I've given myself a back up, I figure I'll probably never do it again ;)

Renee said...

LOL! Did you get the digits of your co-conspirator? ;-)

Anna-- you're totally right. As soon as I made extra copies, I've never locked myself out of car or house again.