Saturday, August 09, 2008

Clash of the Worlds

For the first time, Shawn and Brad have met. Shawn stopped by for a little while last night and Brad and John (aka Fiance) were here.

And of course--OF COURSE--Brad and LCB hit it off like gangbusters. In fact, they were swapping numbers and shit. I think they may have been making plans to go shopping, but I'm not sure. ;)

Ten bucks says I start coming home and finding LCB here, playing video games and engaging in--"other recreational activities" with my roommate.

And it may have been my imagination, but I could have sworn that LCB was "marking his territory" around Fiance. I know it's not a getting-back-together thing in any way, but he did revert back to pet names and some outward affection. I punched him, though. ;) (But not hard, cuz part of me liked it. I thought it was kind of cute.)


Jen said...

And before you say it, I dont think he was doing it in a "I dont want you but I dont want anyone else to have you either" way. Hell, I truly dont think he realized he was doing anything at all. I think it was just an instinctual guy thing. It was pretty interesting to watch, actually.

anna said...

I still don't like the guy. Stop hanging out with him.

Jen said...


i know, Anna. =-) And I love you for it.

anna said...

Oh good. I was worried you could be pissed at me for saying it. Love YOU!