Sunday, August 17, 2008


See that third little "hurricane" from the bottom, the one that says "8 am Tuesday"?

Yeah, that's me. Almost exactly. If it were shifted slightly off the coastline, it'd be smack dab on top of me.

Since that bitch Fay's projected arrival time has shifted more from Monday night to Tuesday morning, they just announced that we WILL have school on Monday. And after that, who knows.

I'm not too freaked out. Yet. More moridly curious to see what my first real hurricane will be like. I hesitate to use the word "excited" because God knows these things can cause tragedy and destruction and I feel like it would be disrespectful to past hurricane victims to even go there--maybe "anxious" is the word, anxious to finally experience one and get my first hurricane out of the way. Like a final rite of passage to becoming a true Floridian. (Oh, wait. I have to fuck up the voting process in November--THEN I'll be a real Floridian. Ha ha) The fact that it's still projected to be a 1 or 2 does help, although even those are nothing to sneeze at (LOL. Even in the midst of a meteorological crisis, I'm still slipping in my gay phrases). I'm not so much worried about damage (less likely, as a lower-level hurricane) as losing power (more likely, even as a 1). I'm not big on "roughing it."

I'm hoping to be able to get a snippet (LOL) of the storm on video from my phone and post it on here--and definitely pictures, before, during and after. I feel like I'm reporting from the trenches, LOL. (Of course, THAT plan will be shot to hell if I dive, squealing, under my bed at the mere hint of our first raindrop, which is not out of the question.) has good coverage, if I go incommunicado and you want to play along at home.

My point of contact will be Mom, i.e. the Rock of Gibralter In All Types of Crises (tee hee)--so she'll have the latest. Her # is 1-800-NERVOUS-BREAKDOWN. ;) Maybe I'll make Katey POC #2, but she's already told me to "go outside and wait for it," so perhaps not. LOL

My rooommate just told me that I've already blown the "true Floridian" thing, because I went out and bought 10 (!!!) gallons of water yesterday, and a "real Floridian never would have done that. Loser."

Um...I think that's all. There will be other posts before then, of course, including a First Day of School One--but that about covers the hurricane stuff.


Renee said...

Why can't *I* be POC #2?! I won't say mean shit to you like Katey would :-) Plus, I can post on here, if need be.

I'm confident that everything will be fine, but I'm also "anxious" for it to get the hell out of your area :-)

Jen said...

OKay, change of plans. Renee is POC #2.

Fred said...

It shifted further west again today, Jen, so if things hold up, you'll just get a lot of rain.

Well, if you're a loser, we must be the ultimate losers. We have water, batteries, a generator, plywood, food, weather radios, etc.

I just checked the 8 p.m. projection, and it moved ever so slightly west again.

Have a cooler ready with beer in case the lights go out.

Fred said...

And, about the cramps comment on a previous post? We have a year's supply of Midol here. Whenever you run short, just let me know.

Renee said...

LMAO, Fred :-)

Thanks, Jen. I knew if I whined loud enough I'd get a cool job ;-)

Jen said...

and now they say it wont be here till Tues pm, possibly, cuz she slowed down.

Jen said...

As of 11:30, looks like I might have it pretty easy--wind and rain--but Fred (and my grandparents) could be in trouble.

Keep us updated please!!

sparkydiva said...

fyi - i was in a hurricane in 1997. evacuate to higher ground, go to a hotel and hold a hurricane-watching party in the parking lot. its mucho fun-o. :)

Renee said...

I hope Grandma and Grandpa and Fred and Family stay safe!!

Schecki said...

Heh, I know EXACTLY what you're feeling about the sort of weirdly excited but not.

I was informed that "Nevermind water and canned goods, it's all about beer and awesome snacks."

sparkydiva said...

is it wierd to want to come up there and want to have a hurricane party? we can totally MAKE HURRICANES!! woooo drunk fest at jen's howwwse :o)

Renee said...

LOLOLOL, Brandi! You're too cute.

sparkydiva said...

awww thanks. hubby leaves tomorrow :( say a prayer for his safe passage back to the desert.

Fred said...

It shifted again to the east, closer to you. The local weather guy said we'll get minimal winds with a lot of rain here in Tampa. All the action is on the east side of the storm.

I'm not too sure where you live, but it now looks like it's projected to hit somewhere near Sanibel Island.

Let us know how you're doing.

Jen said...

Sanibel is about 20 miles from here.

The storm is less than 150 miles away as of 5 pm, pet the text alerts I signed up for like a dork.

And my new bf is coming over, since he lives on the Cape (aka surrounded by water) and doesnt want to get stuck out there by himself.

What? I didn't tell you I had one of those? My bad. ;) His name is Steve. He's an electrician. But focus, people. There's a storm a'comin.


Jen said...

(i just mapquested it. 15 miles to Sanibel. Is that a long way in Hurricane Miles or no?)

Jen said...

But that's 15 miles in DRIVING time. As the crow flies (LOL) it'd be a lot less.

Okay I'm done obsessing about Sanibel.

anna said...

I've been thinking about you since I first saw the storm reports about Fay. That's what you get for living in a tropical paradise while the rest of us freeze our asses off! Ha!

No, no, j/k. I'm confident all will be fine but I'm still praying for you.

Good one making Renee POC - we're all counting on you Renee!

Boyfriend?! Do tell!

sparkydiva said...

WHOAWHOAWHOA - BOYFRIEND????????????????????? i smell a blog a'brewin.

at least i better.

damn it.

Jen said...


raining, all is well.

supposed to come early morning.

more later re: bf

thanks for the well wishes. i'm in good hands (tee hee)

Renee said...

LOL. She called me on her way to meet "bf" for their date, to inform me that I was POC since Deb was having a nervous breakdown worthy of horse tranquilizers. I didn't get much info other than that they'd gone out the night before, too. Met him online, but I have no idea how long they've been talking or ANYTHING other than that last night would have been their second date.

We're all waiting for the story! Who cares that you're in the midst of a tropical storm, we want boy details!

Jen said...

I don't appreciate the quotes on "bf."


Renee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renee said...

LOL. "Sorry". Plus, I didn't mean it "like that". I just didn't have another "name" for him, so I called him "bf". Plus, I don't think it's "fair" for you to refer to him as "bf" before any of us have even "heard" of this "bloke". " :-) "

Jen said...

well i "think" that you "probably" the biggest "tard" I "know"