Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The storm--a retrospective

I found this video on Youtube. It does a good job of showing what I had going on over here in the early morning hours. It also has music! (You'd have to mute and/or pause my blog song.) The song is growing on me, too. (I think I would have used "Umbrella," though--if I had THIS MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS.)

And then this one was just funny as hell. People get REALLY bored when hurricanes come, LOLOL.


Fred said...

Welcome to Florida. What's so strange about Fay is that it has actually strengthened over land.

We had a great hurricane party last night. I slept until almost noon.

anna said...

Looks windy all right!

How can I mute the blog music? I like it but sometimes at work I need to mute it.

Renee said...

Oh, so NOW the link works :-)

Anna: just click the pause button on the song. If there's a way to actually mute it, I can't figure it out, but pausing it will work.

Fred: I wish I could sleep til almost noon! Glad you had a fun party :-)

Jen said...

Today was still damn pretty windy but also sunny and 90 degrees.