Saturday, August 16, 2008

My first hurricane?

Karate class is cancelled on Monday night, my sensei told me today, due to "the hurricane."

Hurricane? Imagine my surprise, as I've been so busy this past week getting ready for school that I've apparently been out of touch with the outside world. I had absolutely no idea.

Here's what I discovered once I got home:

The storm track continues to point the potential hurricane in the direction of south Florida by Monday night or Tuesday morning.

All residents of South Florida need to stay well informed on Tropical Storm Fay this weekend.

Latest models and the National Hurricane Center track this storm close to or over South Florida on Tuesday, possibly as a Category 1 hurricane.

(For those of you who didn't do well in geography, Ft Myers is near the bottom left-hand side of the state.)

While the models are fairly uniform in the forecast track, there is still a great deal of uncertainty due to the disruption of the low-level circulation over Hispaniola over night.

If the center re-forms north or south of the expected location, the forecast tracks will likely shift.

There is also a great deal of uncertainty regarding the intensity of Fay as it makes its closest approach on Tuesday, due to interaction with Cuba on Sunday and Sunday night.

And as of Saturday afternoon, school IS still scheduled to start on Monday.


Schecki said...

I've heard it's on a direct course to nail Tampa something furious. Can't wait.

I'm going to be in Ft. Myers tomorrow (Sunday night). We (my fiancé and me) are considering karaoke. If you'd like to get together at all, for dinner or karaoke or whatever, email me at schecki at gmail dot com.

Jen said...

Schecki--I'm emailing you. Mona Lisa has karaokee on sun night--good place, I hear.

sparkydiva said...

have you been evac'd yet???

Jen said...

No, but officially under a hurricane watch now (which means hurricane conditions in the next 36 hours) Don't think the storm will be strong enough for an evac but who knows.

Just keep Florida in your thoughts and prayers, yo. If I go silent for a couple of days you'll know why, but assuming I have power, I'll continue to post updates, let you know I'm still out here, etc.

Jen said...

They just announced that we will have school Monday, as it's not expected to hit till later (around 11ish).

Tuesday is anyone's guess.