Saturday, August 23, 2008

My new new boyfriend

Fiance's back! We hadn't really talked for a couple of weeks, but he called last night 'cuz he was bored. I told him he could totally come over and hang out but that Brad was out of town for the weekend--and he answered, "I know." =-)

Alrighty then.

So we cooked dinner, watched movies, and made a 1 am Mickey D's run. I had to drive him home because he had a glass too many of wine. (He's such a lightweight for a dude, I swear.) And yes, he kissed me. I still can't freakin' tell if he wants to DATE me though or if we're just kind of hanging out. And I don't know if we SHOULD date, cuz he's Roommate's friend and that could get complicated.

He's not my normal type--not so much of a smartass, really, but VERY intellectual. At one point, he started talking about how Ithica and Utica, both in New York, also had something else in common, that they were both named after some Greek god or some shit....I don't know, I stopped listening, but he's big into history and stuff. He makes me feel stupid sometimes, he knows so much shit. He reads historical books for FUN, yo. But he also brought some "chick flick" movies over for me last night because he thought I'd like them, so he's not all bad. =-)

I think the thing with New Boyfriend #1 may be fizzling out but hey, one door closes and another opens, eh?

We shall see.


lotus23blossom said...

sniff :( just wanna hug the kid.

glad to see you weathered the storm. and picked up a few fella's too! Is there like a hurrican dude net on you patio? the things I miss while camping..

sparkydiva said...

maybe its good that he's so different from you. opposites attract. {sing it, paula abdul!} seriously - if blake and i were exactly alike, i would hate the dude. revel in your differences and see what you can learn. :) aww shit i just sounded like my mom. i'm gonna go puke now.

Jen said...

you both crack me up. hte hurricane dude net is hysterical, though. and not a bad idea....

well we'll see what happens, B. like i said, we may not even DATE. it may be a kiss fueled by wine.

Renee said...

can i say something without sounding bitchy? your "normal" type isn't always the best choice. what is seen as smart-assed-ness in the beginning sometimes manifests itself into total asshole-ness. So, maybe it wouldn't hurt to wander over to the other side of the pasture once and see what's over there. wait. did i just imply that you're a cow? lol. Swim to the other side of the stream. Tuna. lololololol.

okay, i'm way off track now. my point is, what's the harm in seeing what happens? he's not intentionally making you feel stupid like aaron did, right? besides, you're really smart, too. you guys could have some great convo. and, can i say how thoughtful it was that he brought some chick flicks over?? that's sweet. he was thinking about how you'd feel and that's never a bad thing. LCB could learn a lesson here.

i love the hurricane dude net, and think it should be implemented asap :-) lol, brandi. as annoying as some of our moms' bits o' wisdom can be, you gotta admit--they ARE wise!

Jen said...

Oh my god I just snorted my way through your post, Renee.

first cows, then tuna. LOLOLOL

I hear you, though. However, Electrician is also back, so we'll see...

(they can never stay mad at me for long) ;)

Renee said...

what happened with electrician that you thought things were "fizzling out"?

Jen said...

Oh i told the story somewhere on here...we had a misunderstanding but I think things may be back on track