Saturday, August 23, 2008

I don't think so, Tim

I just found out in karate class that Sensei has plans for me Valentine's Day weekend.

Go check that out and then come back here for the discussion. ;)

I told her, as politely and respectfully as I could, that she is clearly high (my word choice may have been slightly different).

A freakin' karate tournament? ME? Tell me that's not worth a plane ticket to Florida right there.

I should say that it's not like the tournament in The Karate Kid--at least, not my event. I would be performing the kata I've been working on, competing against other adult female white belts. She says I'd actually have a decent shot at placing: 1) that's not a large pool of competitors to begin with and 2) since it's RIGHT before I test for green belt, I'll have been a white belt (not to mention practicing this particular kata) for quite some time, thereby increasing my chances.

We're all going; I think it will be fun as hell. But actually getting up and competing in front of all those people? ME?

Not so much.


Renee said...

Oh, come on!! It would be an experience of a lifetime! We went to a local tournament when Brent was taking karate (his sensei gave all the students free tickets to it). It was really cool to see everyone doing their katas, and the little kids, of course, were adorable. You should totally do it! What if you place and get a trophy or medal or something? That would be frickin AWESOME. You have to do it.

Renee said...

OOH! Plus, we're usually in Florida during that time frame and WE COULD COME WATCH YOU!!!

Jen said...

Sure, come watch me spectate. Good times.


sparkydiva said...

hmmm...i wonder how hard it would be to get blake to take me to orlando for valentine's day...

prolly not very hard.


Jen said...


You guys are crazy.

I'll make you a deal. You two come and I'll do it.

sparkydiva said...

hmmmmmm...i shall ask him when he calls. he's stuck in mosul trying to make his way back to tal afar. gee, darn.

lotus23blossom said...

Do it for the kids.
Use it as a lesson in perseverance.
I know charter schools are all about moral focus.
A lesson in dedication.
A lesson in personal fitness.
The history of karate.
Think of the children Jen!

Guilt much? :)

Renee said...

LOL Lisa :-)

Stupid me, I think I just NOW "got" the title of this post. I kept wondering why Tim and where that could have come from. Home Improvement is one of the best shows ever (Brent's been enjoying it on Nick at Night; thinks it's hilarious); how could I have forgotten that? Duh.

Ikigai said...

Wow, sounds like quite an event! Takeda Shingen armor for the grand champion? I can tell you, the tournaments I have been to never had an award like that. Neat.

One tournament habit I acquired was never concerning myself with what place I took. The goal is to stand up amongst your peers and perform as best you can. And if you mess up, ask to try again until you get it right. It's a big mental hurdle to overcome: proving to yourself that you can do it!

Best of luck - I will definitely be checking back in to see your progress.