Saturday, August 02, 2008

Room with a view

So this pic totally doesn't do it justice, but this is the view from my new classroom. Focus on the palm trees and the beautiful sparkling lake (and the bright view sky)--not so much the parking lot, which I tried to crop out. =-)

Seriously, I love Florida.


Anonymous said...

I hate you.

Jen said...

In the distance is the stadium where the Twins practice...or the Red Sox, I can never remember cuz they both have spring training here in Ft Myers. Pretty sure it's the Twins though

Renee said...

You've got it so rough. Poor baby.

anna said...

Shut UP!!! I hate you too!
Palm trees when you look out your window, sparkling water & hot Twins players - ARG! Why do I live in MN and not FL?

Jen said...

Anna: beats the shit out of me.