Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The electrician


Okay, now that things have calmed down a bit, here's the scoop on the new guy:

We actually talked on Match.com MONTHS ago, maybe even pre-LCB--in fact, we may have stopped talking BECAUSE of LCB. I don't recall for sure; at any rate, we started emailing again about 2 weeks ago. He disappeared for about a week (turns out he had gone to Niagra Falls and back home to Boston with his daughter) and then started texting last week. We met for dinner at Applebee's on Sunday afternoon and stayed there for almost 4 hours. He's freakin' ADORABLE and a truly genuine, good guy (so far, LOL).

Our 2nd "date" was riding out the hurricane. He lives in a town called Cape Coral, which is obviously surrounded by water and pretty low-level. Jokingly, I offered to protect him and he took me up on it. (It reminded me of Mom and Steve's first "date" when she invited him over one Thanksgiving so he wouldn't be alone--it was much the same idea). So Brad, Electrician (ironically, who is also named Steve) and I had a hurricane party (which was more like a tropical storm party, as it turned out). I just kept thinking of his daughter and my dad: if there was a hurricane, I wouldn't want MY dad to be alone, ya know? (By the way: his daughter attends one of "my" charter schools, a couple of towns over. Small world. She's in 6th grade.)

So....that's about it. And it's funny, because even though it was only our second date, I think we're well on our way to being "together." A big change from LCB, with whom it took months to reach that same definitive conclusion (and even then, we "together" isn't the right word, as he was SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE). With Electrician, there's no wondering or games. He's into me and he shows it. (Now I'll never hear from him again, LOL.) He calls--when he says he will and sometimes even when he doesn't. He told me he thought about me 9 times the day after our date--9 because he "didn't want to be gay and go into the double digits like a chump," hahhhaha. He WANTS to see me. It's not a rushing thing, either--it's just happening naturally. It's kind of cool. I feel comfortable with him and, of course, he's a smart ass. He cracked me up last night. A lot.

Anyway. That's that. So far, so good. We'll see.


anna said...

OMG! I already Love him! I hope he just keeps getting better! :)

p.s. I like the new song

keesh said...

YAY! I guess i should have read this BEFORE I emailed you :). Tee hee. glad it is going smoothly!!

Renee said...


I hope things continue to go this well!

Renee said...

And for some reason the comment link doesn't work on the hurricane videos post, but I cracked UP at the second one :-)

sparkydiva said...

can we flush lcb's mojo down the toilet now? please??

and can i get an eta on the horse tranqs??

Nik said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that things continue to rock for you and electric Steve. How's your fiance (Brad's friend) taking this news? lol

I haven't heard anything about the storm, hurricane, whatever the hell it is, so what's the word?

Jen said...

I may have spoken too soon. He was really moody and pissy on the phone, got all irritated for no reason (truly; i was joking and he didn't realize it)--maybe HE has too many issues for ME. (is there such a thing? LOL) but when we were (Pissily) hanging up he was all "call me tomorrow. bye."


Anonymous said...

picture please

Jen said...

Well hell, at this point I have to see if he's even sticking around.

Shit, even *I* dont go all pissy and moody on someone after 2 dates, and I'm crazy. That can't bode well.