Monday, August 04, 2008

Shugro this

Today was our monthly shugro (Japanese for "a can of whupass is about to be opened upon you") day. NO other students showed up. Now I know why. Bad. Very bad. Just me and Sensei. All her energy was focused on making sure I'd have to be carried out. Came damn close. At one point I was sprawled on ground, hollering "Keep going! I'm right behind you!"

Am traumatized. Know I will not be moving any body part tomorrow so will check in later.

Bad. Very bad.

(However, once I can move again I'm TOTALLY going to start doing these moves at home. I will soon be in ass-kicking shape myself because seriously, this workout was INTENSE.)

BTW--I just found out that at my first promotion (hopefully) ceremony at the beginning of October (and at every one after that), I have to break a board. Luckily, this one involves my foot/leg instead of hand/arm (although of course, that's coming, too)--and also luckily, my legs are freakishly strong from 4 years of fitness walking. Still, this should make for a rousing game of Which Bone Will Jen Break Next?. Will it be something obvious, like a foot or ankle, or will I lose my balance, fall over, and rebreak my elbow or another upper appendage?


Renee said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Your label cracked me up! Sorry you're dying, but I'm really proud of you!

Fred said...

Renee beat me to it. No need to read the post. Just look at the label:

"agonizing pain from which I shall never recover"

Or, in my life, that simply means old age.

Jen said...

LOL Fred

I'm actually not feeling too bad. I'm sore, sure, and limping a bit, but I can MOVE.

I sure won't be going out for a walk in the next few days, though. =-)

PS--the great thing about the label is that I'll be able to use it for a plethora of things--breakups, karate...the possibilities are endless

Jen said...

update: 10 am

once i'm standing, I'm okay. still limping a bit, though.

the main problem is standing up/sitting down. for sitting, i just kind of start the downward motion and then hurl myself into it, letting gravity take me the rest of the way and hope i end up fairly close to my intended destination. standing up is always accompanied by a roar of pain and a string of curse words.

but other than that, i'm fine =-)

Jen said...

update: 2 pm

pain has once again reached agonizing levels. hurts to even walk. i look like i just had a colonoscopy.

ow ow ow

Nik said...

I realize that you're in pain, but I gotta say that you frickin rock. I think it's great that you're sticking with this and really embracing it. The fact that you're enjoying the torture and pain is awesome.

PS, my money's on a broken nose!

Jen said...

HTF would I break a nose?? How are you picturing that going down? LOL

Renee said...

Falling flat on your face could do it. Also, a piece of board could fly up and hit you in the nose. LOLOLOL.

I vote a toe.