Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My week

Some highlights so far:

* I officially reported back on Monday (the kids start next week, although I'll meet many of them tomorrow at Open House). I've put countless hours into my classroom this week (and even some last week) and just TODAY it started to actually LOOK like a classroom (as opposed to a "storage shed," as Rich put it, before I gave him the snake eye and he backed out the room in fear). Tomorrow morning, I write my lesson plans for next week. This week is, as you can imagine, flying by for me. I'm incredibly sore tonight from moving my furniture, then moving it again, the moving it back to the first place, then deciding that both places sucked and moving it to a third. But today was my most productive day yet. Am I completely finished? No. Is it perfect? No. Is it good enough for OH (Open House, not Ohio)? Yes. And sometimes, my friends, you have to settle for "good enough".

*I switched meds again this week and so far, so good. In fact, knock on wood, I think this one is going to work for me. That HORRIBLE feeling that I've posted about is gone and I'm relaxed and can concentrate again. Sleeping like shit this week but that's from being stressed/nervous/excited about work and not due to nuttiness.

*I finished 2 of my 3 major assignments for one of my Masters classes and will finish the 3rd this weekend (come hell or high water), thereby fulfilling my goal of completing at least one class this summer (by the skin of my teeth, of course).

All in all, it's been a good week so far. And I'm only halfway through!


Jen said...

oh yeah and #4

Terminex says they're not termites, just regular ol' flying ants. I think they're wrong, though. =-) But great news!

Renee said...

Other than the medical mishap in your car, it sounds like you've had a fabu week :-)

And hopefully Terminex is right... have you gotten rid of them yet?

anna said...

I'm so glad you're having such a good week!
I'm especially glad you're on a new med that isn't driving you crazy! Also, way to go on the classroom prep, grad school, & the termite problem!
What medical mishap in your car?

Renee said...

LOLOL. Jen, I think you need to post about the medical mishap, complete with pictures.

Nik said...

Okay, first can I just say that your use of "come hell or high water" and "by the skin of my teeth" in one sentence, frickin rocks! Ya just don't hear these two much anymore.

Anyways, too cool that you got your classroom, good enough and hope your open house goes well. I can't wait to hear what kinda goofy student stories you have this year. Too cool about your new meds, glad to hear you're not crawilin outta your skin anymore (but the bugs in the house would still make me feel that way. Is there anything that can be done to get rid of them?). And since Renee mentioned it, the car medical mishap story must be posted. On and congrats on the school stuff too. You rock......sometimes! j/k ;)

Jen said...

The medical mishap story isn't THAT interesting. It only involves a psuedo-date with Fiance after I picked him up at the hospital (during which I discovered that he has Issues of his own, making us either a perfect match or the Crazy Couple From Hell), an accident with a broken glass perfume bottle in my purse that almost sent us BACK to the hospital, and a frantic phone call to Martha Renee Stewart asking her how to get copious blood stains out my car upholstery.

Yes, some might call that an interesting day. I just call it a Tuesday.


anna said...

Never trust Tuesdays! That's a lesson from my DenteMax days...