Saturday, September 22, 2007


When you mix women, alcohol and bedroom aids, pretty much anything goes. I've seen and heard some crazy things at my Pure Romance parties (which is part of the reason they're so fun). However, I overheard something last night that made me laugh really hard. Now, perhaps this was taken out of context--and maybe you had to be there--but as I was taking orders in the back bedroom, the following snippet of conversation wafted down the hall to us:

"And he told me, 'Put your shirt back on!' and I said, 'But I just took it off!!' "



anna said...

Those Pure Romance Parties are always a good time!
Are you still sending out a newsletter? I haven't gotten one lately, so I wondered...

Jen said...

No, not since the July one. I totally missed Aug so I was gonna try to cover it up by doing an Aug/Sept one...I just dont have a whole lot to say.

Anna said...

That's ok, you've been busy.
You could just do them quarterly to keep it in people's minds but only have to create them 4 times a year.