Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'll be damned....

I actually did it.

I bought a new car today.

And not just "new-to-me," either. NEW. 2007 Kia Spectra, deep ocean blue. (I'll take pictures with the camera phone tomorrow.)

I'm almost 31 and this is my first-ever brand-new car. The monthly payments are a bit of a nut, but with the (slight) raise at work, the adjustment I made to my health insurance (which means much less coming out of my checks) and keeping up just one or two Pure Romance parties a month, it shouldn't be a problem. And besides, with my beloved '99 Ford Escort JUST under 100,000 miles, it was at the point that I was falling into that putting-more-into-it-than-it's-worth trap. Hell, if I'm shelling out money for a car all the time, it might as well go towards a new one.

I've been thinking about a new car for a good year now but with my credit, I figured it was impossible. Then I heard an ad for a Kia place down in Naples promising they could help anyone, so with a laugh, a healthy dose of skepticism and an evil gleam in my eye ("you just don't KNOW what you're up against, you poor bastards") I drove down today to check it out.

I had done considerable research online last night so I wasn't going in blind, but it was still a nerve-wracking experience. I'm paying more per month than I anticipated, but again, with my credit, that's pretty much a given. My rep, a guy who sounded like he walked off the set of the Sopranos, was a lot of fun. He was an older, balding, heavy-set Mob-like teddy bear who hugged me instead of shaking my hand when the deal was finalized. Ooh, and I did get a $1500 cash back deal which of course went towards my down payment (see how responsible I am?). We won't say how much I got for 'Scort. Let's just say that what little value she had pretty much came from the new tires on her. =-) This didn't stop me, of course, from tearing up a little as I drove away and left her behind. I got her right after Cam's accident. We've been through a lot together. Hell, we came to Florida together. Okay, now I'm getting verklempt again. Shut up.

So....there you have it. My hands are still shaking. I can't believe I did. I drove in the right-hand lane the whole way home, hands at 10 and 2, pulling a Deb and going 65 in a 70, swearing every time a bug hit the windshield. I had to pull over halfway home to figure out how to turn on the lights. =-)

I feel like such a grown-up.


Anna said...

A New, NEW Car! Wow! That's awesome! I looked at Kias. I liked their colors. Their blues were very pretty. I would've gotten one if we "freakishly tall" people had been able to fit more comfortably. I hope she treats you well!

Lil Red will be missed. Many good times were had with her. I remember getting her out of an impound lot with you - good times. ;)

You've come a long way, Baby!

Renee said...

Wow, congrats!! They didn't even call me for a reference check (did anyone else get called?)! You HAVE come a long way, baby!

Anna, I'm LMAO at your "freakishly tall" comment :-)

Jen said...

Yeah well. Its part of my new diet plan. I wont be able to afford food anymore. =-) TOTALLY worth it tho

Renee said...

LOL. I hope you're joking and that it's a payment you'll be able to live with...

Anna said...

The "freakishly tall" comment is from my sister-in-law ;)

I'm scared of things with monthly payments. I have a hard time remembering to do them. I guess that's why I'll never have a new, NEW car like my friend, Jen. That reminds me - gotta pay the student loan this week, sigh.

Jen said...

I can live, yes. Especially with one or two PR parties a month. it's funny, i sat down and figured it out and even without my parties, i HAVE the money every month. I just dont konw where it GOES. am I really throwing away that much every month on dumb stuff??