Saturday, September 29, 2007

Alcohol = breast cancer

Consuming one serving of alcohol a day (doesn't matter what kind, either) increases a woman's risk of breast cancer by 10%, they just announced. An average of 3 or more drinks a day means an increased risk of 30%.

I'm screwed.

Actually, these meds may have another benefit (besides the obvious "keeping my nutty ass out of jail" one)--I've had to severely cut my alcohol intake. First of all, alcohol and bipolar don't mix (in fact, I've learned that it's one of my personal "triggers"); but more than that, the meds make the alcohol affect me much more quickly. Before, I could sit with J. at Benny's after work, knock back 6* glasses of wine and barely feel a buzz; now, I start feeling anything much more than a glass and a half. Plus, I've been trying to drink less since my psychiatrist said I had a potential "alcohol problem". I told her, "No way! I drink as much as the other teachers at my school. In fact, there are lots of teachers who drink WAY more than I do!" and she said "Yes, but we're not talking about other teachers. We're talking about YOU." I felt like a 5-year-old. A 5-year-old LUSH, mind you, but a 5-year-old nonetheless. Anyway, she said that with 2 alcoholic uncles (at least) and the amount I was consuming, I had to be careful, as I was walking the fine line between "problem" and "-ism."

The last reason, of course, that I've been trying to cut back on my alcohol is the diet. Wine has fewer calories than other forms of alcohol, but it's calories nonetheless. And speaking of which--

Another pound and a half this week, baby! I'm down to 145--which was my initial goal weight. My "final" goal weight is 140. Whoo ooo!!! I'm damn close to my "skinny weight" now!! I'm almost back where I was!!

UPDATE: I'm wearing my skinny jeans on my date with Former Marine tonight. This is the first time I've worn them in over a year. Whoo hoo!!

*It's 2-for-1 at Benny's, so it was only 3 "rounds". I couldn't help it if they brought me 2 for every 1 I ordered!


anna said...

Yeah, I don't know about that breast cancer study. Sounds crappy to me. I'm going to look into it but I think ACS believes it. Dude, I'm in trouble. Sigh.

Way to go on making your weight goal! Rock those skinny jeans, girl! (And don't forget to update us on the date...)

Jen said...

Date: yeah, it went okay. Nice guy, Good looking. Wants to see me again tomorrow. (Actually he wanted to see me on Sunday.) I was a bit put off though, at the end of the night, after dinner, in the parking lot, when he was VERY touchy feely and all "hey you want to come back to my place and watch tv?" Come ON. I'm not NEW at this, sir. When you're Mr. Octopus in the parking lot and try to get me back home with you, I know the score.

Still, he IS a nice guy, other than the parking lot molestation, and he took me to a nice we'll see. My instincts are kinda telling me that he's more of a one track mind kind of guy, so I suspect if I don't put out right away he'll disappear anyway.

Renee said...

Yeah, those stats really are scary. But to make you feel better (maybe), LOTS of things cause cancer. And I'm glad you've cut back on the alcohol... Not that I'm a teetotaler (that looks misspelled), but with my dad and grandpa being alcoholics, it's scary. Especially because they were both angry and mean drunks, not happy ones :-) So I was always afraid of ending up like them. Not that that stops me from tying one on for Girl's Weekend, but ya know :-) My sister probably has a "potential alcohol problem" and it worries me sometimes.

Anyway, it sounds like it's positively affecting you in more ways that one! Congrats on hitting your (initial) goal weight!!! I want to rock some skinny jeans! :-)

How OLD is date guy? I thought first-date-parking-lot-molestations stopped after a certain age... or am I missing out on something? ;-)

Nik said...

I'm shocked that you're put off by parking lot molestation, Jen. Could it be that you're finally seeing the light? Just messin w/ you. You know I love ya.

That's awesome to hear about the weight loss. Keep up the great job. A few drinks every now and then never hurt anyone.

Renee said...


And you're right; a few drinks every now and then never hurt anyone (well, actually that may be debatable!), and I hope my comment didn't make it sound like that, cuz I can tip 'em back with the girls! But more than three EVERY DAY (as the study said) with alcoholism running in the family might be stacking the odds against oneself. And with it being a trigger, it's just a good idea to cut back, not cut out completely.