Thursday, September 27, 2007


I feel like I SHOULD write something, but there isn't much to say. I just feel kind of...blah. For someone on a cocktail of happy pills, I should feel a helluva lot perkier than I do. I'm just tired, I think. Been pulling my 55-60 hour weeks again (and then coming home and grading papers for another 2 or 3 hours). So add that to a lack of sleep and you have a Draggin'-Ass Jen. (I'm TRYING to sleep; I just haven't been able to the last week or so.)

Things with Single Dad fizzled out. As some of you know, I started getting some distinct warning signs that things may not be completely resolved/settled with his ex...and God knows I don't want to get into one of THOSE situations again. Jesus, the things Golf Course Guy and I had to deal with were freakin' insane. Literally.

(One could argue that my calling someone else insane is like the pot calling the kettle crazy, but at least I had a justifiable cause and am fixable. Some people are just flat-out psychotic bitches for no other reason than to fuck with people's lives. But I digress.)

Anyway, Single Dad is no more. I'm now talking to a former Marine (hubba hubba) and another guy but I can't remember what he does. Both have a kid. Man, dating sure changed once I hit 30. Divorced and/or kids is now the rule, not the exception. (Both of these guys are never married, though.)

So that's about it. Oh, and a general memo to my sisters: please stop having kids in September. It's one hell of an expensive month. Plus, I get back from the card store, read my email, remember that someone ELSE is having a birthday and then go back. I've been doing that all month. Sure, I could just pull a Renee and get organized and buy them all at once at the start of the month and mail them out so they actually get there BEFORE each birthday....but then that wouldn't be ME, now would it?


Renee said...

LOL. Thanks for the shout out. Or sneer. Whatever that was :-)

I hope you can get some sleep soon! It sucks ASS to be so tired you can't get to sleep.

And I'm LMAO over your psychotic bitches paragraph :-)

Eduardo said...

Every year I have a master plan for the birthdays in my family. It nevers comes off, though.

I am always a day late and a few bucks short.

Good deal on reck'nizin' the danger zone and getting out of Dodge.

Anna said...

Tim & I have been feeling kinda low enegery lately. We're blaming it on the change of seasons. You can borrow our excuse if you like it.

It sounds like the guy porspects are pretty good! I enjoyed a couple of Marines back in the day. I hope you get to do so, too ;) Ah, memories...
I don't know about the change in dating after 30; you dated at least one guy with a kid in your 20s.

Do you have a planner? I write everybody's birthday in my planner and look at it at the beginning of the week so I know what cards I need to buy and send that week. I'm still late sometimes, but it's not as often.

Renee said...

LOL, Anna. Can you see Jen USING a planner, even if she had one?

Jen said...

Anna: no, but like I said, having a kid was a rarity, an exception. Now I'm surprised if they DON'T have a kid (and if they ARE childless, I can almost guarantee that they're divorced).

(Renee--I'm ignoring your comment.) ;)

(And I DO have a planner, FYI.)

Jen said...

PS--valiant effort, Anna, but remember: I live in FLORIDA. "Change of seasons" here means going from 90 and sunny to 80 and sunny. Not really a low-energy-prompting change, eh? In fact, I dare say that if I even TRIED to complain, y'all would kick my ass back to the holler.

(LOLOL--WHO used to talk about "the holler"??)

anna said...

Oh yeah, you're the b*tch living in paradise where you don't get less sun in the fall. Nevermind, screw you for even trying to complain ;)

Renee said...


I don't know who used to talk about "the holler", but YOU cracked me up talking about it :-)