Monday, September 24, 2007


Blame it on Kish.

I got an email from her today talking about an upcoming visit to the apple orchard.

Oh, MAN. Apple orchards and apple cider and donuts and pumpkin patches and leaves changing colors and burning leaves (which gives me asthma but still) and caramel apples (I only want those in the fall) and the air getting chillier....I MISS THAT.

I had actually plumb forgotten that it was fall back home, too. (Yes, I said "plumb." Apparently, being homesick almost makes me a dork.)

The winter season isn't so bad, because a) winter sucks ass and b) I can at least experience it while I'm home for the holidays. But fall? I miss the whole damn thing. I haven't seen fall since 2006. Wow. That's weird. I can't do it this year, but maybe I'll fly home next year for a fall weekend (like my birthday). Although it won't be the same without hitting the haunted houses and orchards with Anna....

OH, COME ON!!! As I was composing this blog, the following email came in from my friends at "10 Fall Apple Favorites." Son of a BITCH. (PS: What the HELL are "cooking apples" and how are they different from "eating apples"?)

As Ross on Friends would say: Bummin' hard, guys. Bummin' hard.


Renee said...

LOL at the Ross quote! Poor Jen

Here's your apple lesson for the day: Not all apples are suitable for cooking, baking, making into sauce, etc. Granny Smith is your best bet for any baked apple dish. I also like Golden Delicious and Jonamac. The BEST apple EVER for just eating raw is the Honey Crisp. It's a fairly new apple, within the last few years, and if you haven't tried it, GO FIND SOME NOW! I've been eating like 2 every day; I just can't get enough of those tasty little fuckers.

I wish you could come home for at least a long weekend to get a taste of fall (although today it got to 91 here, so it's not really feeling very fall-ish yet--but the leaves ARE starting to change)! I'm not sure I could live without it!

It would be sweet if you could come home around your bday next year! Or maybe the beginning of Oct, since the leaves were all gone and it was snowing last Halloween.

keesh said...

Well actually it was 90 degrees yesterday and humid, so fall seems so far fetched but tomorrow it is suppose to be 76, which is perfect for the orchard in my mind :).
Wow Nee, thanks for the apple lesson. you are so smart. I think Jonathons are yummy...Nee, do you have a DETAILED Apple Pie recipe? Maybe I will give it a shot> I have never made one in my life, but have always wanted to try it.

Renee said...

Yeah, I'll send you a recipe. It's not hard at ALL, but it is time consuming to slice all the apples. Unless you have a food processor with a slicing thingie. And I always use either Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts or Mrs. Smith's (at least I THINK that's what they're called) frozen crusts. I'll email the recipe.

And Jonathon is also a good one for baking. I have a cool apple chart that tells the variety, taste/texture, ripening date and what uses they're good for.

anna said...

I feel you!
MN doesn't have the apple orchards anywhere near as good as MI does. I miss the apple orchards everywhere, the cider & the donuts.
I actually bought apples (granny smiths) and caramel dip at the grocery store this weekend and they've been my favorite snack this week.

Nik said...

Well, look at Betty frickin Crocker over here! Renee, you're too cute. Oh and I totally agree. Honey Crisp Apples are da bomb.

Jen, I know you're bummed out, but just think about this. When we're all freezing our asses off a few months from now, you'll still be beaching it. That's gotta count for something.

Jen said...

What are these honey crisp apples you speak of?

I don't think we get them here but I'll check at Publix. Hell, maybe I'll go now. I'm kinda bored and looking for a reason to stall on grading.

Jen said...

PS:I don't think Betty Crocker would call them "tasy little fuckers" but okay. she a real person? Like Martha Stewart?

Renee said...

LOLOL. I'm pretty sure Betty Crocker WAS a real person-- many, many moons ago. And how do YOU know she wouldn't call them "tasty little fuckers"?

If you can't find Honey Crisp apples down there, let me know and I'll send you some. Seriously, you HAVE to try them.

JH said...

ok -- i am sorry to do this.. but i clearly blame it on this character named Todd but it hurts to even type this... t-a-g... check out my blog... then feel free to write me a nasty comment.