Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Burning bridges

Yeah, you guys are right. This friendship thing with Dave just isn't going to happen. It hit me tonight on the phone--realizing the way he talks to me and treats me. It's like seeing everything in a different light. I tried to justify it before but guess what? I AIN'T CRAZY NO MO'. My mind is getting right and so is my perspective.

Anyway, it was good (well, some of it) while it lasted, but it's time to just burn that bridge and move on. We didn't work out for a LOT of reasons--and guess what? They weren't all on my end. And the same things that made me miserable in the relationship are the same things that are making me miserable in the friendship.

I don't hope he gets hit by a bus or anything but as of about 10 minutes ago, he really doesn't mean anything to me anymore. After all, you can't care about someone who treats you like dirt.


keesh said...

Good for you! and his loss anyway. BUt really, it is best you move on from that friendship. how are things with you and your other friend there? The other one that was with you and Dave...

Jen said...

And THEN he had the unmitigated CAJONES to start reaming ME a new one for the unflattering comments about him on this blog.

First of all, Sparky, if you could remove your head from your ass for a moment: I WASN'T THE ONE DOING THE SLAMMING. In fact, I specifically said NOT to. It was my friends. I'm not responsible for it nor will I apologize for it. And along those same lines, they weren't "slamming" anyone in the first damn place, as they repeatedly pointed out. Just because it stated that perhaps you AREN'T (gasp!) always in the right--that maybe you're somewhat insensitive, judgemental and self-righteous--doesn't make it a slam. It makes it TRUE.

Second, you can't say jack shit about them anyway. The key word here is that they are my "friends." They love me. Stand by me. Support me. FIND TIME FOR ME. You fall under none of those categories, so you don't have a say, period. My loyalty is to THEM. Because they're the ones you have proven themselves to always be there for me. You, on the other hand....well, let's not beat a dead (and traitorous, and fickle) horse, huh, Good Time Charlie?

Third, and most important: if you don't like what this blog says, DON'T READ IT. It's MY blog. Here's an idea. Start your own damn blog and call it "You're lucky I didn't have you taken away in handcuffs," since that seems to be your favorite sentence in the whole damn world. It must be, since you throw it in my face during just about every conversation we have. Then you can post over there about what a motherf*cking saint you are.

See? This is all the bitterness I've been holding in for the sake of the "friendship." However, since the latter is gone, then so is my internal censor.

Jen said...

PS--Anyway, things are getting there with J. We talk a little more each day. Granted, we aren't nearly where we used to be, but a lot of that is cuz I'm in 5th grade now and she does PE. We were close last year cuz we worked together every day. This year, I only see her a couple times a week when my kids have PE. BUT, we're getting there.

I have heard, though, that she doesn't hang out with ANYONE that much anymore because she's always busy with "that new cop boyfriend of hers." Yes, my friends, she is STILL dating the police officer from That Night.

keesh said...

so technically, J should be thanking you? HA :). I do believe that something good comes out of bad most of the time. the bad has allowed J to find the man of her dreams and for you to realize that Dave wont ever really stand by you whether you are together or friends...I guess he can't get passed the fact that he is perfect long enough to see other people, such as us human's make mistakes...but from planet ass hole, well, they are perfect.

Anna said...

Way to go! All right! That sounds great!
What-Ev-er about his petty complaints and whining! What did he expect? To hell with him! We're with You, Babe!
Moving on to bigger and better things!

Renee said...

Hey! I posted a good comment yesterday and it's not here! WTF?

Pretty much what I'd said was that I'm glad you're seeing the light and realizing you deserve more than he's willing/able to give you right now.

And COME ON-- he gave YOU shit for the comments OTHER PEOPLE left, even after you REQUESTED no bashing? That makes perfect sense. LOLOLOL at you calling him "Sparky" and "Good Time Charlie". Hhahahahaha. It pleases me to see you get the resentment out. Especially because it's so damn funny :-)

I'm glad things are going okay with you and J. Hopefully time will heal all. And it's AWESOME that she's still dating that cop! LOL!