Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Madison and I were playing Uno when we suddenly heard a thud at the window. I knew it was a bird, so--like any brave, fearless nanny--I sent the 4-year-old to check out the situation.

"There's a bird on the step!" he reported.

Crap. That's what I was afraid of.

"Is he standing up and looking around?" I asked hopefully.

"No. He's laying there and his feet are up."


That was half an hour ago. I keep hoping that he just knocked himself out and that soon he'll wake up, but the odds of that are dwindling by the minute.

We'll just have to use the garage door all day because I am NOT removing a dead bird.

And speaking of things that you think are dead but revive themselves at the last minute--the Pistons' run for the championship. (That was either a GREAT segue or a really, really bad one.) I totally thought that once they lost at home on Sunday and had to go back to San An for the next two games that the series was basically over. I wasn't the only one; hell, the Spurs had their victory parade planned for Thursday (their at-home record HAS been pretty hard to beat). Instead, Game 7 will be held that night in Texas. I don't know if Detroit can pull off that miracle win two games in a row--but so many people were surprised by the results of last night's game that I suppose, at this point, anything's possible.


LocuTus of Borg said...

Jen, you have uncanny life experiences with birds. Do you have any birds in your house now? With the baby birds outside the house and this latest "window smacking," interesting. Or maybe just the fact you live somewhere with a lot of trees and a lot of birds ;).

GO PISTONS!! (Read SI magazine and interestingly enough they said the Pistons would take the championship again because they were a more well rounded team.)

SparkyDiva said...

my condolences over the loss of the bird...unless, of course, he's just in a coma.

GO SPURS! (i'm a texan - i have to be loyal!)


Anna said...

#1: The Bird is dead. The sooner you move it and have a birdy funeral with the kids, the less maggots will be crawling in it.

#2: The Pistons ROCKED last night! I'll be wearing my lucky shirt on Thursday so they're gonna win that one, too!

Anna said...

Oh, sparky, honey, y'all are goin' DOWN!

SparkyDiva said...

LOL...probably...but i have to be loyal, right? does it count for anything that i'm not a cowboys fan?

jevanking™ said...

I'm such a baby too that I would have done the same thing by going out the garage door.

In re:Pistons/ prediction is that one of them will win the championship on Thursday...just a prediction.

Jen said...

Jevanking, I love a man who goes out on a limb like that.

My goal for the day is to go out and take care of the bird before Mr S gets home. So far, I have managed to cover it with a paper towel. So that must count for something. (And I gagged doing that much. To explain to you just why I'm so skeezed out, there is a--


--pool of something underneath the bird's head. It might just be rainwater from the brief monsoon we had, but I fear that it's something much more sinister.

Fred said...

Jen, the "Bird Lady" of Blog Land.

Suggestion for the next update? Bye, Bye, Birdie.

Jen said...

I did it!! I did it! I went out there and, armed with a snow shovel, I put the bird in a plastic bag, which is now in the outside garbage. (If the parents feel the need to dispose of it in another manner, well, that's on them.)

I swear to God, I had to stop twice to look away (I was getting lightheaded and my stomach was turning) but I did it.

Renee said...

Good job, Jen! I would have had as hard a time as you did... first of all, birds freak me out, so I would be deathly afraid it was just knocked out and would, as soon as I touched it, come back to life and attack me (maybe I need a PayPal account for therapy, too).

As far as basketball goes, that was an AWESOME game last night! It's weird how intolerable the regular season is (I feel that none of the teams play with any heart or speed; they just kinda waltz up the court; it's just boring) but the playoffs are so fun to watch! It feels like back in 6th grade watching the Bad Boys win :-)

Nik said...

You and birds, what the hell? Sorry for the poor birdie, chalk it up to natural selection, I guess.
Pistons, yeah, Nuff said!

Sparky-- definitely big points for you for not being a Cowboys fan! That says so much more than you cheering for the Spurs, almost (but not quite) redeeming, really! lol