Friday, June 17, 2005

On the Demise of the Sitcom

I'm feeling sad again today that there are hardly any new funny sitcoms out there anymore.
While still mourning the deaths of Seinfeld and Friends and the fresh loss of Raymond, I'm wondering if there's anything funny out there worth watching anymore. Yes, there's Joey and Will & Grace but all the new shows advertising for next fall are either reality shows or dramas. Who decided I'd rather watch people in swim suits eat worms than laugh my ass off for a half hour a week? Bad choice, TV Execs!

Where have all the sitcoms gone?


Jen said...

Jeff laughs when I obsessively watch reruns of Friends, Roseanne, King of Queens and Sex and the City, but that's exactly why--there's nothing GOOD on anymore (I know King of Queens is still on, but you get my point). I miss sitcoms, too.

But some people apparently don't. I mean, look at all the sitcoms that fail every year due to low viewership (then again, that's because they generally suck). On the flip side, reality shows are drawing huge numbers, which is why there are more and more every year.

Like a fad diet, though, I predict that reality shows will burn out and there WILL be a return to the sitcom. God willing.

Rob said...

Seinfeld was it for me. Everything else just sucks.

Fred said...

Arrested Development is the only one I'll actually look for. It's a bit bizarre, but then again, so am I.

Rob said...

oh.. i forgot.. Curb Your Enthusiasm aint bad. That's about it for me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Seinfeld was THE best, by far. But I love catching reruns of Friends (especially the older ones when they were REALLY funny) and King of Queens.

John and I actually like reality shows, but honestly, I think we tune into those because there ISN'T anything else good on.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, that was me again

Nik said...

You're totally right! I miss the good old days. I just can't get into all the reality shows. There are some good sitcoms on though, albeit I'm not like "Oh this is on I MUST watch it. But I like George Lopez, Scrubs, and Will and Grace. I wonder when the trend will change, hopefully soon!

LocuTus of Borg said...

Seinfield, News Radio, and Wings. Those were definitely the funniest.

Sitcoms are dying. Just like family shows in the 80s-90s. Remember Happy Days, Family Ties, Full House, etc. Those type of shows are almost non-existent.

Sitcoms are being replaced by the reality shows like Fear Factor, Monster Garage, and Trading Spaces. They are also being replaced by detective shows like CSI and Law & Order. Eventually sitcoms will be almost non-existent.

Everything goes in cycles.

Anna said...

What's your take on Reno 911 on Comedy Central?