Sunday, June 05, 2005

Give it up for bargain shopping.

First, let me say that I love Target, and not just because Renee's husband is a VIP with the company. I know that I tried to boycott it last Christmas (I was unsuccessful, by the way--I finally gave in because of their great price on the Star Wars trilogy that I was getting for Dad), but their stuff is just GOOD.

I went there yesterday to pick up a couple of pairs of shorts for summer (I waited until now to make sure that summer was, in fact, here to stay-in Michigan, you can never be too sure), and I walked out with 4 shirts and 3 pairs of shorts for like $50 (there were some AWESOME sales, including a clearance rack). CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?

Also, I got two new pairs of sandels at Payless (buy one, get one half off).

ALSO, I did another mystery shopping assignment, this time at Party America. I took Luc (the two year old) with me (we were encouraged to bring kids on this assignment, as they're supposed to offer a free latex balloon to children). Well, apparently Mrs. S tipped him off as to the reason he was going to the "balloon store" with Supernanny, because from the second we walked in the door, all he could say was:

"Supernanny, when are they giving me my balloon?"

"Where's my balloon, Supernanny?"

"Supernanny! Balloon, please!"

So much for remaining inconspicuous.

Oh, and for all you Angels out there, Party America has one whole side of an aisle FILLED with patriotic/ 4th of July stuff--GREAT for care packages. And not just the usual ribbons and bows and streamers and stuff; they have paddles (the kind with a rubber ball attached) and hackeysacks and "fliers" (airplanes) and ALL KINDS OF STUFF in red, white and blue--very reasonable prices, too--a dollar or less in many cases.


Renee said...

HELL YEAH! I am the clearance QUEEN. To a fault, really, cuz I'll buy shit that I don't necessarily NEED at the time if it's at a great price. Oops.

Damn, I wish we had Party Americas down here! I'll check out the other similar chains to see what they've got.

Jen said...

Did you check the Party America site to make sure that they DON'T have one?

keesh said...

What IS Party America?? I don't think we have one over on this side of the we Jen?

Jen said...

It's like a Party City--used to be called Great Party. I looked up it online and there are some over there--Portage, GR, Muskegon and Holland. Oh, and Kentwood.

LocuTus of Borg said...

HELL YEAH! Targ├ęt is an awesome place to shop and have decent clothes and decent decorations for the house. They have a great candle selection =).

Renee said...

Woo hoo, LoB! I'm glad you're such a Target fan :-)

No Jen, I didn't check the site... but if it's the former Great Party, we may have one. I'll check!

Anna said...

I, too, simply must profess my undying love for Target.
We all know that I thought it was sad that they stopped supporting the SA bell ringers, but that’s in the past.
Target is so far above and beyond all the other stores that try to be like it that the Walmarts, Kmarts, & Meijers are all just sad, dirty, crowded, rude shadows of the mecca of Target.

Renee said...

Anna, I love you :-)

Renee said...

Will you marry me? ;-)

Anna said...

K :)

Anna said...

By the way, I went to Target last night and they have a lot of 4th of July stuff in their dollar bins right now. Check it out!

Jen said...

Thanks Anna~~