Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random stuff

I went to visit my friends at the ER again early Saturday morning. I was actually there a good part of the day. (Before you even say it, Mom, I hadn't had a cigarette in 4 days--not a HUGELY long time, but every day is a small victory--and like I told you, a lot of times my asthma actually gets worse at first when I quit.) Anyway, it was one of those things where they were giving me treatments but weren't having a lot of luck. I'm fine now, after the traditional steroid shots/breathing treatments/oxygen tube combo. I'm still wheezing a little and I've got a cough that makes me sound like I should be in an iron lung, but I feel okay--tired, but fine. (Oddly, I've been sweating my ass off all weekend. I'm not sure why. I was running a low fever yesterday, but I am DYING here.)

And yes, I'm that much more determined to quit--cuz I felt HORRIBLE, and I don't want to go through life like that anymore. Although it IS a bit frustrating, to be honest, when I'm trying to quit and I STILL end up in the freakin' hospital. WTF?

I felt good enough, however, to drive to the library today and drop off some books. On the way there, I saw this guy walking down the road. From a distance, he looked HOT--tank top, muscled arms, narrow waist, etc. I whistled to myself in the car--and then, as I got closer, I almost drove off the road. IT WAS ONE OF THE EIGHTH GRADERS AT MY SCHOOl. Yes, my friends, apparently I'm "THAT" teacher. (I *STILL* feel dirty.)

My time with BBBS is done, so I'm looking for my next volunteer project. I have it narrowed down to the Salvation Army soup kitchen or becoming a guardian ad litem--basically an advocate for a child who is struggling with family and custody issues. Go to to read more.


Fred said...

At least you didn't do this. (She used to occupy the classroom directly underneath mine.)

Jen said...

WOW. That's just crazy. Were you as suprised as everyone else in the story?

But it does seem to happen pretty regularly. Then again, think of all the teachers who AREN'T doing it, you know? It's like plane crashes--it's not that there are a lot, but when one DOES happen, it's all over the news...and you never hear about the thousands of flights who take off safely every day. Does that make sense? Or is it all the meds I'm currently on?

Ugh, though. Just...ugh.

Renee said...

OMG. I can't believe ANYONE could think that this is OKAY. WTF?

Jen, you are not "THAT" teacher! 8th grade, so he's 14 or 15? LOL. Yeah, ick, but at that age, some boys are capable of looking "hot" from a distance :-)

Sorry to hear about your trip to the ER... do you have bronchitis, or was it just a really bad asthma attack, or what?

How come your time with BBBS is done? That's funny-- I had actually thought about doing the guardian ad litem thing before I started volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. I think that'd be cool. Although I also think a soup kitchen would be really rewarding.

Jen said...

Nee: just asthma.

As to BBBS: I did it for a year, and I enjoyed it, but I was ready to start something new. This ad litem thing is more of a time commitment than the soup kitchen; but it's be a way of helping kids even MORE than with BBBS. But, um, hello? You know I'd get WAY too attached to these kids. And got forbid they'd be in foster care and need a home. You KNOW what would happen. =-)

Jen said...

Oooh!! Or the Peace Corp!! (Im on right now.) Dude, it's 2 years, but I get: a living allowance, full medical and dental care, transportation to and from the assigned country, as well as readjustment funds on completion of service!!

Fred said...

Not surprised at all, actually. Let's just say there were stories floating around long before it happened. I thought hey were all rumors, but I guess not.

Jen said...


Jen said...

OK so I'm already bored with the Peace Corp--the app was too long. =-) But I've sent some emails out to a few organizations, so I'll see who I hear back from. My top 3 favorite ones at this point are: reading tutor for adults, guardian ad litem and offering extra tutoring to low income kids.

Renee said...

Fred, that's horrible :-( Ick.

Jen, that's exactly why John gently steered me away from the GAL thing. I'd get waaaay too involved and consumed. Let us know who you hear back from and what you decide on!

anna said...

Sorry to hear about your ER visit! I hope you're feeling better.

lol at your hot kid problem. Eh, it happens. There's nothing wrong with thinking things as long as we don't act on them, right?

I love the idea of doing the Guardian ad Litem gig. I was really interested in doing that a few years ago. I think you should do that and let Renee & I live vicariously through you.