Thursday, April 16, 2009


Anna's due date is coming up!! I just emailed her and said that hopefully someone will call or email me once Baby O gets here, so I can spread the word. I know her due date is somewhere around now, but I always forget if it's the middle or end of April. (Seriously, she's told me like 7 times.)

Anyway, good luck Anna!! And remember: you know how they say that childbirth is horrible, but once you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, suddenly the pain just kind of fades away?

Yeah, that's all bullshit. It's CHILDBIRTH, for fuck's sake. However, it IS worth it. So be tough, have an epidural on behalf of your girls (and Fred) from Broken Road, and make sure to keep us updated!!

Let's post some positive and loving commments for our knocked-up friend!

We love you!!


anna said...

Aw, Thanks!

And thanks for the great gifts you sent me! The Bumbo seat is great and in just the color I wanted. And the onesies are wonderful too, especially the one that says I Love Mommy :)

Due date is April 24 - 8 more days. But I'm ready whenever baby is!

And you'd better believe I'm going for the epidural! Shoo-oot!

Renee said...

LMAO, Jen.

Anna, you'll be fine. My epidural was so strong I couldn't even TELL whether or not I was pushing-- I actually asked my doctor, "Am I even pushing?"

I can't wait for Baby O to enter the world! It's a crazy time, and you probably won't be thinking about US while having contractions en route to the hospital, but hopefully someone can let us know shortly after the little munchkin is born :-)

I'm nearly squealing with excitement :-) I love you and hope all goes extremely well!

Has your doctor said how big they think the baby is? My doctor asked how big John and I were when we were born... I told her John was just over 7 lbs and I was just under 5, but a month early. I almost died when she laughed, pityingly, I thought, and said, "Well, honey, this baby is gonna be a LOT bigger than that!"

Renee said...

Oh, and I meant to tell you that my cousin LOVED the Bumbo seat for her little girl. Said she wants to have another baby just so she can use it again :-) I hope you love it just as much!

And Broken Roaders, anyone care to make bets on the sex of Baby O? LOL. Is that bad? I'm willing to bet it's a boy :-)

anna said...

Renee, my dear, everything you've told me leads me to believe that you had a very interesting birth & baby experience! This post just inforces that belief :)

Does anyone have advice on how to get me to have this baby this weekend? I'm ready to be done.

Nik said...

Anna, I know absolutely nothing about what you're going through and probably never will, but I wish you all the best and hope all goes well. Listen to these clowns here, they know what they're talking about. Then again, from what I understand everybody's experience with this stuff is unique, so yeah, good luck and all that good, happy, positive stuff.

Renee said...

If it's okay with your doc, have lots of sex this weekend! There are conflicting opinions on whether or not it really works to promote labor, but so what? Take advantage of those elevated hormones and have a fun weekend :-)

I also just read something in What to Expect When You're Expecting (can someone please tell me why I still HAVE this book? It's going on paperbackswap right now) about nipple stimulation. "One study showed that women who, from 39 weeks on, stimulated their nipples for three hours or more daily were much less likely to carry past their due dates..." LMAO. THREE HOURS a DAY?! Who has that kind of time? And furthermore, who wants their nipples played with for THREE HOURS? I guess it could help toughen them up for nursing, though ;-) This does say, however, that it "can produce very strong contractions, much as oxytocin can, which could lead to trouble, so do not try this technique unless your practitioner recommends it". And unless you want your nipples to fall off. I'm just sayin. That's a long time.

I have nothing beyond those genius suggestions, since I was induced
:-) Are you having any Braxton Hicks contractions? Any change in dilation/effacing? Or would you rather not discuss this in front of the whole internet? LOL.

Where the hell is Kish? She wants to be a baby nurse; she probably has some helpful info on the subject!

lotusblossom said...

lol renee, three hours!

My advice ask for the epidural early.... my doc waited and waited and waited.. so by the time it came the drug doc (i cant spell anistizalogist:) said this will kick in after about 20 minutes. guess who decided not to wait? yep john showed up 10 minutes later!
yeah and slow poke doc says, as he is doing the epesiotomi stitching.
"hey your finnally numb"

lotusblossom said...

wheres the spell check?

Fred said...

Leave it to Jen to get me all weepy-eyed about the joys of childbirth.

Of course, I didn't have to push a 7-pound baby out of my body, so what do I know?

Good luck Anna!

Kishelle said...

Good Luck Anna. I will share my experience AFTER you have had the baby :). But, I say the epidural was a huge blessing!! I am still leaning towards a girl as my guess....

anna said...

Thanks for your good wishes and advice! I can use all I can get :)

No baby yet. I'll keep you posted!

Jen said...

Anna: starting now, you should start checking in daily. That way, if you fail to check in for a day, we'll already have a clue that something is amiss. That something is afoot.


Renee said...

Or, hopefully, a-head. Afoot would be breech and we don't want that ;-)

keesh said...

anyone heard any baby news or anything yet?? I am hoping baby comes soon!