Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pass the crack

1) I ripped out my own uterus today. Okay, not really, but I totally wanted to. This whole week (all 2 days, LOL) with them has been HORRIBLE. Last week, too. In fact, Friday was my worst day with them ALL YEAR. I never want kids. Ever. EVER.

And no, I don't care if it's "different when they're your own." I can barely handle kids from 8-3, September-June. I'm not kidding, if I had to deal with them all night, all weekend and all summer TOO...well, there's not a medication strong enough, my friends.


1.5) A middle schooler was suspended (maybe even expelled) for bringing alcohol to school. And drinking it. In the middle of the school day (science class, to be exact). And then PASSING IT AROUND TO OTHER STUDENTS. I say, screw that. If *I* have to endure the day sober, then so do they.

2) (My funny part today--cuz like I said, there's always at least one): One student, while reading a letter being sent home from the nurse, looks up and asks: "Miss K, what's the sweeney flu?"

Me: "That's 'swine,' C."

Ah, yes. The low reading class at its finest, LOL.

3) The one shining beacon of hope in all of this? Paperbackswap, my friends. Nothing makes my day like coming home to an email that a book I sent has been received and I now have one credit waiting for ME to use, on any book of my choice. Oooh, the gloriousness of it. And if I find a 2-for-1 or a 3-for-1 in the Book Bazaar, with books I actually LIKE (because a lot of times, they're offering those deals cuz their books suck ass)...well, then I'm just giddy. And I have a credit waiting for me RIGHT NOW.

I know that only Lisa and Renee will be able to relate to this post right now, but if you're a reader, and you have old books that you want to trade for brand new ones, I am telling you AGAIN to go to paperbookswap.com.

And Lisa, you should be getting that Undead book soon, maybe even this week.

4) I watched Seven Pounds last night. It was a really good movie--but I must warn you, I CRIED at the last 15 minutes or so. The kind of crying that leaves you hiccuping and taking great gulps of air. (Of course, I also slept really good, too--nothing like a good cry every now and then.) But don't say I didn't warn you--cuz *I* wasn't expecting that emotional bitch-slap.


Fred said...

I have a few hundred comic books I can trade. I like pictures.

Renee said...

1. I cringed when reading that. But while you're at it, you could rip my uterus out, too. I'm ready to be done with the whole monthly thing. It's ruling my life at this point-- bleed for two weeks (okay, 10 days) have one week of being normal, then the next week I have PMS followed by two weeks of bleeding again. Ugh.

1.5 WTF. LMFAO at your "sober" comment, though :-)

2. That's just sad.

3. I LOVE PAPERBACKSWAP.COM, TOO!!!! I'm laughing, because I get all giddy, too, when there's an email from them in my inbox :-)

4. LOLOLOL. Emotional bitch slap. But you really didn't expect it? After seeing trailers, I totally expect to cry when I see it. Whenever that will be. We've had No Country For Old Men from Netflix since JANUARY and we haven't watched it yet.