Monday, April 13, 2009

No, seriously--Happy Easter

If you've never thought of Easter as a "drinking holiday," then you've never spent it with a bunch of teachers on Spring Break.

OMG, I just had the best Easter EVER. To start with, I spent the day on the Gulf, SURROUNDED by dolphins (for realz--I steered us smack dab in the middle of a school of dolphins--they were EVERYWHERE. It was truly breathtaking)...and then I went to my friends' house for dinner.

Holy crap.

First, let me say that I ate LAMB. Yes, me. ME. And it was actually pretty good. I had a smallish piece, but I ate it all. AND I ate broccoli casserole. Since I am the world's pickiest eater, both of these events were quite noteworthy in and of themselves.

And THEN, my friends, the drinking games began.

(What? YOUR Easters didn't involve drinking games? Then shit, you're hanging out with the wrong crowd, bitches.)

The best game of the night was called Left-Right-Center, a dice game that is impossible to explain but, rest assured, many of you will be learning at Girls' Weekend in July. =-) The "winner" has to take a shot (in this case, whiskey). However, a special rule (hereby known as "The Gang Bang rule") was officially implemented tonight--if you miss the table ENTIRELY with your dice (and, in my case, actually hit yourself in the HEAD with them), then you have to take a special, just-for-being-a-dumbass shot. Yes, the rule was named after me (although I was certainly not the last)--and yes, the guys in the group STILL insist on calling me Gang Bang. In fact, after tonight, FOUR of them now have me in their phones as "Gang Bang" (including one of the guys in from North Carolina: "dude, I can't wait to go home and tell them I know a chick named Gang Bang").

All in all, it was a very happy Easter.

And I have some AMAZING friends. I am truly blessed.


Renee said...

Left-Right-Center is AWESOME! Greg and Chrissy introduced us to it a few years ago. Lots o' fun! I'll have to look around for the dice, unless you have some...

I'm FLOORED that you ate lamb AND broccoli-- and that you're still alive to talk about it!

I'm glad you had such a fun Easter! And I LOVE that the guys all call you Gang Bang :-)

anna said...

Man, I didn't see any dolphins on my Easter ;)

Sounds like a fun Easter alright! I look forward to learning Left-Right-Center at our weekend this summer. Hey, have we heard if Nikki in on that yet?

Jen said...

Yeah, Nikki's in.

I dont have the real LRC dice, no. I dont even know where'd you GO for the special dice (with the dot and L and R and C--I think you can play a version of it with regular dice though).

I guess you can play it for money--I guess that's the "real" way to play--but since we're poor alky teachers, we made it a drinking game. The "winner" had to take a shot. Let's just say that had we been playing with money, I'd be sitting quite pretty right now. Instead, I'm just sitting here with a headache.

Renee said...

LOLOLOL :-) We play with quarters with the Brownells. Makes it fun, but like with Nickels, it's still cheap :-)

I've seen the real game somewhere... I bet Target even has it. Or Cracker Barrell or something.

Jen said...

We kind of made up our own. We had SOME chips that we used, and then we used other misc crap for the rest of the "chips" (bottle caps, etc). And THEN we made up extra rules as we went along--if you were left with the bottle cap at the end of the game, for example, you had to shotgun a beer. (I never had THAT one, thank goodness.)

Just some good old-fashioned Easter fun.

Kishelle said...

I never heard of that game, but looking forward to learning it this summer :). So, I didn't play drinking games, but, I did have several beers. my Step Mom and Dad made me :). ha ha. NO, I believe the Good Lord turned Water into Wine for a reason. I better enjoy the good stuff in life. Nothing wrong with having a few drinks. I am pretty pissed off though that the dolphins didn't show their bitch faces around here. WTF?? I guess our kite flying was sufficient.

Renee said...

"the dolphins didn't show their bitch faces around here" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Kish, I heart you!