Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter! myspace graphic comments

Whether the day holds any religious significance for you or not, I want to wish you all a great day. I hope the Easter Bunny is very good to you all. I'll be going to church and then to an Easter gathering with some friends.

I'm approaching the end of my Spring Break. (Well, sort of--I don't go back till Wednesday.) It's funny: I didn't do anything BIG with my time off, but I did a whole bunch of little things that needed to get done. So, all in all, I feel like it was a productive week or so (even though I had to go to the dentist and get my temporary crown replaced with a permanent one on the day that all my friends went to Sea World.)

I've lost 5 lbs now since the official start of Spring Break 8 days ago. It is, undoubtedly, due to the fact that I (being the freak of nature that I am) actually drank LESS on SB than I do during the average, typical work week. Significantly less, in fact. cut out your thrice-weekly "meetings" at Shoeless Joe's and the weight just drops off. =-)

I guess that's about all...I hope you're all doing well. Happy Easter!


Fred said...

Like Jen, it's church for me (don't faint, but I actually volunteer every Sunday) then enjoying a prime rib dinner with the family.

Happy Easter to all my friends at Broken Road!

Renee said...

Happy Easter to all of you, too!

Kishelle said...

Happy Easter! I have decided to skip Church today and spend the day with my family at home. we are cooking steaks on the grill! I hope you all have a great Easter. I had a kick butt productive day yesterday and am about to do the same today :). Sending Easter hugs to you all. Miss you girls! and you too Fred :)

anna said...

I LOVE getting a bunch of little things done, especially if they're on a list and I can then cross them off. Man, I'm such a freak. But way to get a bunch o' stuff done!

Happy Easter to you & everybody in blogland!

Ours was good - We went to church and got one of the last parking spots and seats in the place. My aunt & mom cooked dinner at our house for 7. Good stuff :)