Monday, April 13, 2009

Hypothetical question

If one of the flowers on a plant--say, an Easter lily--started to become kind of brown and withered because maybe someone forgot that because it was now a lot warmer, the water in the dirt would dry up a lot more quickly than when it was, say, 15 degrees cooler....if that happened, and someone started to water them more often, will the brown part on the flowers disappear and will the flower become "healthy" again, or is that flower screwed?


Renee said...


HYPOTHETICALLY speaking, it depends on how much of the flower started to brown and wither. If it's just a little, Lily-- I mean, that hypothetical plant-- will be okay. That small part probably won't reverse itself and turn white again, but it'll probably be okay. If it's REALLY brown and withered, you might have to pluck that bloom off and realize that you've just dehydrated your child :-)

Jen said...

yeah, I had to pluck it off. it was drooping enough that the flower had started to kind of break off at the stem, so I had snap it off the rest of the way to save the other 3.

Well, the other 2 since I'm still waiting for the 3rd one to open. But now I think it'll have a better shot, since water isn't being "wasted" on that one unsaveable bloom.

LOL. Damn, I'd be a really ruthless mom.

Renee said...

LOLOLOL. If you had triplets and one of them was smaller, browner and wrinklier, would you stop "wasting" milk on that one? Ruthless is the mildest of words

But you're right-- you're supposed to dead-head plants with flowers so that the other flowers can thrive :-)

Fred said...

You've saved the patient. It should live.

Kishelle said...

No, Jen, You would be a great Mom and the kid would be way more vocal about the feeding/drinking thing than the plant is. i blame the plant for not speaking up :). tee hee. My husband said yesterday, "I love my wife's thumb's, both of them, but they are not green, at all." nice huh?? I don't know what he means?? :). I can even kill a hosta. Yes, A hosta. the easiest plant to take care don't feel bad...and note that is why I am not giving plant advice...I overwater them.

Jen said...

I dont even know what a hosta IS. So i'm way below you.