Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I *AM* my mother's daughter

This video is from Britain's version of America's Got Talent.

You NEED to watch it.

The first 2 minutes or so is all intro and back story. She's 47, unemployed, lives with her cats--and let's face it, she doesn't look like your classic star.

And then, at 1:55 or so, she starts singing.

I became a little misty-eyed at 2:12, when the audience was already giving her a standing ovation.

I started actually crying around 3:15, which turned into sobbing by 3:30.

And when the judges "voted" at 5:50, I was full-on, in-need-of-heavy-sedation hysterical.

Seriously, you NEED to watch it, at least till 6:20 or so. (You can skip through the first 2 minutes if you want, although it REALLY does help to set the stage for what comes next..and you can fast forward through parts of the song although truly, the whole damn thing is so beautiful--but DEFINITELY make sure you start watching again by 3:30.

I can't embed this one, but here's the link.(Thanks, Mom.)

Get the Kleenex ready.


lotusblossom said...

yep saw it on the morning news, i turned into a sniviling sissy too.

Renee said...

WAAAAAAAAAHHHH (that's me crying)!!! That was awesome. Good for HER!

And can I just say that Simon is sexy as hell and he's number one on my "list" ;-)