Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today was not a good day. The sub I had yesterday is the worst in the school, so the kids were absolutely wild today. It will take me 2 days just to get them normal again. Plus, I had to go back and reteach everything that she "taught." I'm not kidding, today was like their naughtiest day all year.

The funniest part (see? that's why I love my job. Even on the worst day of the year, I still have a funny story) was at the end of the day. We're doing this play in social studies, and we were reading through it today. P. (my big, slow guy) is playing a French explorer, and he insists on saying the words "Britain" or "British" in a French accent (but only those 2 words, which makes the whole thing even funnier. He reads everything else in his normal voice). But what kills me is that his "French" accent is some weird combination of Spanish and Indian, as far as I can tell. Seriously, it's freakin' hysterical. You can't listen to it with a straight face (trust me, I've tried). And just when we've composed ourselves, he gets to the word "Britain" again and sets us off all over again. You know how some things are only funny the first couple of times and then they get kind of old? Yeah, not this. =-) This continues to be hysterical, every single time.

But the rest of the day was arse.

And I'm just stressed out in general, namely due to:

1) planning this Busch Gardens trip. Planning a trip for 80 5th graders, my friends, is not easy. And running the candy sale to FUND said trip is not a piece of cake either, not to mention reserving the buses, creating all the groups for the trip, assigning chaperones to each group...ugh.

2) our 5th grade social tomorrow night

3) the spelling bee on Saturday during the day (I actually don't have a whole lot to do for this one, other than making sure our 4 finalists show up and then rooting them on. Between the elementary bee and the middle school bee, though, I'll be there most of the day).

4) my March of Dimes walk on Saturday evening (yeah, the one who currently can't breathe)

Those are the major things on my plate. The good news is that after Saturday, I'll only have #1 left.

What a time to quit smoking (and frankly, if I made it through TODAY without smoking, I think I'm in pretty good shape).


Renee said...

LOLOL. I'm sorry you had a bad day, but I *heart* P. What a sweet kid!

I would cry if I had to plan a trip to anywhere for 80 kids. OMG. That'll be fun... or not ;-)

Take it easy on your walk, and if it's too humid or conditions are otherwise not good for your asthma, just don't walk. You raised the money, which is the more important part. I know the walk is fun, but it's not worth another trip to the ER.

And carry on, my wayward son (I have no idea why that song just popped into my head). You're doing great with the no smoking and you can do it!!!

Jen said...

OMG. Today P's accent sounded like The Count from Sesame Street. I was dying.