Thursday, June 26, 2008

Karma's a bitch

On a lighter note...

Last night, there were some drunk people out at the pool. They were up ALL NIGHT (literally, they were still out there at 4 am), yelling, screaming, laughing, etc. They were younger, probably teens or college--and as far as I could tell from analyzing the voices (and I had plenty of fucking time to do so), there were 2 guys and a girl. I was SO PISSED and was SO tempted to get out of bed, go out to the pool and give them hell. However, I was also lazy, and the pool is not exactly next door (which makes it even worse; their voices were carrying all over the complex). As I lay there fuming, I even practiced the speech I would dramatically deliver:

"Yeah, hi. I understand that you all are probably on summer break. However, over here in Grown Up Land, I have to get up early--and so do the other 100 or so people you're keeping up right now. So you have the five minutes it will take me to walk back home to SHUT THE FUCK UP, or I'm calling the cops and your essay on "What I Did Over Summer Vacation" will include the words "drunk tank." Got it?"

(Technically, I DIDN'T have to get up the next day, but then my speech wouldn't have been as effective.)

After a while, I finally fell asleep (from pure exhaustion, since they were still out there).

So a few minutes ago, I awoke to more voices. I looked out my window and saw a car that had driven up the curb and through some bushes. A police car was there with flashing lights--and 3 young people (2 guys and a girl) were sitting on the curb.



Renee said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! I kinda wish you would have delivered your little speech, though, cuz that was DAMN good.

Anna said...


I love beautiful stories of karma like that. It's a wonderful thing to see the balance of life, the yin & yang, if you will. It makes me smile and feel comforted, knowing that all ends up right with the world in the end. :)

Renee said...

LOL! I can see Anna sitting on a grassy hillside, in a yoga pose, smiling and comforted by those drunken kids getting arrested :-)

Jen said...

LOLOLOL. "and god willing,that is what will fuck you...ommmmmmm....."

Renee: I know, I totally loved that speech too

Nik said...

You so shoulda delivered your speech, woman. It woulda been fun to hear how your argument with the drunks went. However, what a nice treat to wake up to. Isn't karma the coolest?