Thursday, June 12, 2008


You know how sometimes you sit with your legs crossed--or even with one leg kind of bent beneath you--but after a while you have to get up and stretch your legs back out? Imagine sitting in that position for like a week. That's kind of how I feel now with my arm. My arm has been in this 90-degree position (sometimes it's more like 45, depending on how tight the sling is) for 7 days now and it just feels CRAMPED. My bone doc has me doing some at-home rehab--once a day I have to see how far I can extend my arm before I fall down, screaming for mercy--and the farthest I've gotten it so far is like--well, whatever the halfway point between 90 degrees and 180 degrees is. I'm too lazy to do the math. But I am just DYING to stretch it out. Plus, I've been forced to become a back-sleeper, which isn't comfortable or natural to me.)

No, actually, I feel like I'm recovering really well, actually. I really don't think it'll be 4-6 weeks before I have full use of my arm again. Seriously, I'm thinking more like 2. I'm not on the Vicodin on a regular basis anymore--I just have to pop one about once a day, when I've been over-using it. Right now, I dont even have the sling on--I'm just typing with my arm held close to my body. It looks kind of gimpy, but it works.

My point? I don't remember. (LOL. Must be a fall-out from all the bleach fumes.)


Nik said...

LMAO-- the last line of this post had my crying with laughter. Jen you're so frickin funny.

Glad to hear that you're healing and getting better. As much as the rehab exercises suck, they're going to help you get back to normal quicker, so keep up the awesome job. Here's to a speedy recovery.

Jen said...

Seriously. By the time I got to the end of that post, I couldn't freakin' remember why I started it or where I was going with it.


Renee said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dude. You shouldn't be left alone with household cleaning agents :-)

I'm glad to hear, though, that you're healing so nicely!

Anna said...

That would suck! That made me stretch out my arms immediately!