Wednesday, June 04, 2008


To all who watched the Wings-Penguins game tonight:

That had to have been the most heart-stopping final 3 seconds of a game EVER.


Renee said...

Yeah, it was kinda nerve-wracking! I was pissed at Osgood, though, for saying he was gonna smack Hudler in the head after the game. Seriously. Maybe you WOULD, but you don't announce that to the nation, dumbass.

I just wish they could have won the Cup at home, ya know? Oh well, at least they have it :-)

Anna said...

Man, those were an exciting last couple of games!

I watched them and thought of Nikky the whole time. ;)

That Penguin goalie, Fluery, was amazing! The Wings shot more than twice as many goals at him and he hardly let any through. We should try to get him on the Red Wings - then between our amazing offense and his defense we'd be unstopable!

Fred said...

I slept through it. Don't hate me.

Nik said...

I was close to anxiety a few times during the game and the last 2 minutes about killed me.

Renee, can you blame Ozzie for feeling that way though? Seriously, that's two games in a row that Huds gave up dumb penalties that resulted in the Pens scoring. IF the game had gone into OT, I woulda killed Jiri myself, and he's my bf, so what's that tell ya.

Anna- you thought of me? I'm touched, honestly. You're right, Fleury had an awesome series and he definitely earned bonus points in my book.

Fred, you were rooting for the WIngs to win it, so that's god enough for me.

Renee said...

No, Nik, I don't blame him for feeling that way; I certainly cussed Jiri out from my couch, but I still thought it was kinda fucked up for Osgood to announce his frustration with a teammate to the world like that after they just won the Cup.

We don't hate you, Fred, as long as you were rooting for them :-)

It was an awesome series. I'm really sad that hockey is done now, though. That's the only sport I watch even when John's not home. Well, also Ultimate Fighting. Brent would watch that all day if we let him :-)

Anna said...

I saw today that the Red Wings goalie is retiring.