Sunday, June 22, 2008

You're Funny

This post does not come equipped with pictures yet, and it's not a full re-cap of the weekend; I'll let Jen do that. At each of our Girl Weekends, we compile a list of quotes that had us rolling with laughter. Mind you, we had been drinking heavily, so many things were hilarious at the time, and some could be a you-had-to-be-there kind of thing. However, they were all still really funny to us this morning, so I think we did a bang up job in the comedy department. However, there is the off-chance that they were still funny because we remembered the context in which they were said. Ya'll can be the judge:

"There are horny kids in Africa who don't even have garter belts!" - Anna

"Did I eat poop last night?" - Jen

"My whiskers are itching" - Jen

"You had an advantage because I met you pre-bitch" - Renee

"Very risky, this limb I'm going out on" - Renee

"The nurse said you should blow-dry your hoo ha " - Renee

"Maybe I should be blow-drying my hoo ha!" - Anna

"Pay the Piper, bitches!" - Jen

"Because I have a big head. And little arms." - Renee (paraphrasing the T-Rex in Meet the Robinsons)

"And God willing, that is what will fuck you." - Anna

"That puckered my ass hole just thinking about it!" - Jen

To which Anna replied without skipping a beat,

"I'm just glad something did" - Anna

"It's like I main-lined the vicodin" - Jen

"You are a crack whore! That's just how you're going to look." - Anna

"All that was missing were whores snorting lines of coke off my body" - Jen, after observing that she felt like John Belushi upon waking this morning (this was said after you'd left Anna, so you missed this little gem).

Kishelle, we missed you a lot and hope you had fun with your family this weekend!


Fred said...

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when you guys are together.


Nik said...

Even without the context you used these, I was laughing my ass off! You girls are frickin hilarious. The blow-dry hoo-ha, I can only assume someone's having yeast issues. I think my fave one though, is Anna's "And God willing, that is what will fuck you". I didn't know God willed stuff like that. Oh and who met who pre-bitch?

Anyways, sounds like you girls had a blast. I'm just glad you all got to spend some time hanging out. Oh and thanks for the giggles.

sparkydiva said...

i always miss the good stuff :(

Renee said...

We didn't know God willed stuff like that, either, that's why it was so frickin funny :-)

The pre-bitch thing. I was saying how I don't like bitches (have always been more comfortable hanging out with guys because so many girls are bitches). Jen said something like "well, that's weird cuz you're friends with ME", implying she's a bitch, and I said she had an advantage, us meeting in first grade and all, it was pre-bitch :-)

And yeah, we were talking about yeast issues-- nobody's having them NOW, so I don't know how the subject came up. Must've been the apple pucker. But I've only had two, both when I was pregnant, and the nurse told me not to use a towel in that area after a shower and to blow-dry. LOL. I STILL, 7 years later, blow-dry and I've never had another yeast issue. Could be from blow-drying, could be I only got them while pregnant because of the extra hormones and shit.

Fred said...

I suppose Jen is still passed out?

Anna said...

Good times!

Man, we laughed and laughed until we cried and weredying to breathe!

Renee was the hostest with the mostest!

Renee said...

Thanks, Anna ;-)