Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hangin in

The spelling bee is done and over with, so that's good. Now I have to accompany the winners to our company-wide spelling bee in April (the last couple of years, it's been held at one of our schools across the state but this year, it's in OUR hood--whoot! West Coast, bitches! LOL. I'm so gangsta). One of my boys got 3rd for the elementary bee, so that's cool.

We are entering our last week of FCAT prep, and then testing begins the week after that. In 5th grade, we have a reading test, 2 math tests and a science test--so my students are testing almost the whole week. And after that, we can go back to actually TEACHING again. Thank God I have my New Kids concert that week--my light at the end (well, middle of, technically) the tunnel. A concert (and late night) in the middle of this incredibly major week is actually not ideal, but--IT'S NEW KIDS!!!! I don't think you guys realize how MAJOR this is for me. (LOL--is that sad?)

Otherwise...I'm hanging in there. Still struggling with some stuff but hell, who isn't, right? I'll come out all right.

How's everyone out there?


anna said...

A friend went to the New Kids concert here and said it was The Best concert she's Ever been to, and she goes to a lot of concerts. I hope yours is that good - you certainly deserve the break!

How am I? Thanks for asking ;) I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the things I need to get and do before baby comes and radically changes my life in 8 weeks. Also, this week is crazy with stuf every night - baby classes and people staying at our house. I know I'm blessed to have all this going on but it can be a little stressful.
If only I could have a drink or 4! ;) Would someone have a drink for me?!

Kishelle said...

Anna - i can do that :). i will drink for you...
I am going to see New kids as well on April 4th. even though a lot of people make fun of me for it, i can't wait!!

Jen said...

Anna: I can't believe you're down to 8 weeks!!!! When's the actual due date again? Are you aiming for natural or are you all about the drugs? (I highly suggest drugs.)

Kish: we'll have to compare concerts after you go. =-) I'm glad to hear that it's a good show though!!

Jen said...

PS--Anna, if it helps with your overwhelm-dom, I hear that once the baby comes, as crazy as things will get, you wont be able to remember life without Baby O.

Also, I suggest reading some of Carolocious's back posts. =-)

anna said...

I'm due April 24 and I'm totally planning on as many drugs as they'll give me!

I hope I remember life before Baby! I had a nice life before Baby. I want some of it back afterwards!

I love Carolicious' blog. Maybe I should look at some of her pre-first baby stuff.

Thanks Kish, for drinking for me ;)

Jen said...

Seriously, Anna, her blogs as a new mom are great. =-) And the ones right before her first one was born.

anna said...

I was reading her blog at the time. I remember when she was cleared of the cervical cancer and found out she was prego with her baby boy.

It seems crazy to me that I've been reading her blog, not to mention this one, for like 5 years! Man, the changes our lives have seen in 5 years - it's something!