Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Renee's "D"

Nik assigned Renee the letter "D" for that blog game thing; she sent me her list and asked me to post it. As you can see, she went the Nikki route and included a lot of details with hers, as opposed to the Jen School of one or two sentences. Hers are REALLY good, though, and they tell us a lot about the Domestic Goddess. (Note to self: if ever knocked up again, don't O.D. on milk.) So...enjoy!

1. Dad
Should be a given; everyone loves their dad, right? Well, I didn’t for a while. My dad drank a lot and was an angry drunk. He never hit us or anything, but he was miserable to be around and, admittedly, my sister and I were horrible teenagers. So the combination just didn’t work. As soon as we saw his truck pull around the corner, we’d go downstairs to our rooms. We’d come up for dinner and then it was right back down to our rooms. When my dad was diagnosed with diabetes (can’t remember the year, but mid-late ‘90’s), he quit drinking- cold turkey. It sounds kind of backwards, but that diagnosis is probably the best thing to ever happen to our family! Now, my dad is a totally different person and I adore him!

2. Domesticity
I LOVE staying home and taking care of the house and my boys. Every once in a while I get a bug up my ass and feel like I need to have a job, and I will, but not until I feel Brent could stay home by himself if he’s sick and I have to work, or whatever. But for right now, I truly love being home, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc.

3. Dairy
Milk, cheese, yogurt… I love me some dairy products! When I was pregnant, I drank a gallon of milk almost every day. That, my friends, will cause you to gain 60 pounds, so I don’t recommend it, but milk and green grapes were the only things I craved while preggers, and I just HAD to have my milk!

4. Dimples
I LOVE DIMPLES! I think they are so cute and ever since I was little, I wished I could have them! My sister and my cousin both inherited my grandpa’s adorable dimples, and I didn’t get any, so I have to admire them from afar. They just make a face so much sweeter!

5. Diamond
I’m not really a jewelry girl. And what I do have is inexpensive stuff, not the kind you get at actual jewelry stores. However, on Christmas Eve of 2007, John surprised me with a new ring. It was the 10-year anniversary of when he proposed to me. It was totally unexpected- I was perfectly happy with the ring he’d given me 10 years ago! But he picked it out all by himself and it’s beautiful and I love it.

6. Detroit Red Wings
I had never watched a hockey game before I met John. I’m not really a sports fan. But John introduced me to hockey and I love it! Hockey and MMA are the only sports I would watch even if he weren’t watching them. I’d still much rather read a book, but if I know the Wings are on and he’s not here, I’ll still watch. It’s so exciting! Plus, sweaty hockey players are damn hot.

7. Dessert
Do I really need to elaborate here? Pretty much any dessert will suffice ☺

8. Decorating cakes
I discovered my love for this when Brent turned 4. He was really into construction vehicles at the time, so I went with that theme. Chocolate frosting, graham cracker crumb dirt, some vehicles and construction cones, also some guys. It was so fun and he thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Next came SpongeBob, then a cheeseburger (my avatar is that cake), a hot dog and French fries (my favorite) and this past February was an electric guitar. I have so much fun doing it and Brent proclaims each year’s is better than the last. What a sweet kid!

9. Drawing
I could sit and draw (and color) with Brent all day. He gets bored pretty quickly, but I think I could sit there for hours. Problem is, I can’t just draw something out of my imagination. I need to look at something and copy it ☺ But our basement walls are covered with some pretty damn good replicas of cartoon and book characters!

10. David Cook/Daughtry/David Baldacci
I’m combining this because they’re all people. David Cook won American Idol last year and he’s AWESOME. Chris Daughtry came in 4th a couple years ago and I love him, too. David Baldacci is an author. The first book I read by him is called The Christmas Train and I fell in love with him then. It’s not his typical political drama stuff, which I also love, but it’s really good!


Fred said...

Well, I guess you could add "dating" to this list.

Renee said...

"Renee's D" LOLOLOL. At first, I thought you were talking about one of my boobs. The other one felt left out :-)